My Favorite November Amazon Find = This Necklace

I should be packing for our NYC trip (tomorrow!), but instead, I’m blogging. Sorry, future Ayana, but I’ve got to let everyone know about my new favorite Amazon purchase.

I’ve wanted a tassel necklace for a while but didn’t pull the trigger because the price of the necklaces from my favorite brands was STEEP. (I still love ya, Lilly and Kendra Scott.) 

Enter Amazon, the place I turn when I want to look good but also have enough money left over to buy even more stuff. I ordered this necklace on a whim, unsure of whether it’d actually be worth it, and I AM OBSESSED. (Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, so any purchases you make may benefit me financially. Got it? Good.)

I think I’m in love, and it comes in EIGHT COLORS. EIGHT. 

Thank me later. xo

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