2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Is It Worth It? My Favorite Items & More

I walked out of the fitting room exhausted and reveling in victory. I was tired because I’d tried on a dozen items in record time — don’t scoff until you’ve tried slithering in and out of Spanx leggings without breaking a sweat — and victorious because I’d conquered my first real attempt at the 2018 Nordstrom anniversary sale. I’ve avoided posting about the #nsale just because fashion blogging isn’t as engaging to me as it once was, but when the urge hit to drive to International Plaza and check out Nordstrom, I couldn’t ignore it. But is the Nordstrom sale worth it? Here are my thoughts. But first…

What Is the 2018 Nordstrom anniversary sale?

If you love Black Friday, you probably already know about the Nordstrom sale — but if you don’t seek deals, you may be wondering what the hubbub is about. Here’s the deal: Every summer, Nordstrom marks down a ton of summer, fall and winter stuff, which allows you to get designer things at a serious discount. Additionally, the sale lasts for several weeks, so you have the chance to get major deals in both July and August.

Why is it so popular?

Bloggers love the Nordstrom sale for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a great chance to get amazing deals that you wouldn’t normally see on new merchandise, so anyone who loves fashion is excited. It’s also an earning opportunity for many bloggers because of the commission we receive from affiliate sites, which typically increases around the sale.

Why is there controversy around the Nordstrom anniversary sale?

Basically, the two biggest issues that people have with the sale are pretty simple. The concerns that I’ve seen voiced can be placed into two categories: consumerism and inauthenticityThe first complaint: Bloggers spend ridiculous amounts of money and encourage their followers to do the same. I don’t pay anyone’s bills but my own, so I can’t say anything about people spending too much.

All that I know is that I personally can’t afford to overhaul my wardrobe every year, so I have to rein it in. Which leads me to my second point … inauthenticity. One of the more aggravating things about the sale is that people will purchase thousands of dollars worth of clothing, take pictures in it and link it to earn commission, and then return everything. I’m not talking about ordering things to see what will fit, but intentionally buying a ton of clothing to make it seem like you’re spending more than you can and then sending it all back. It’s shady, but what can ya do?

I entered the fitting room hopeful and left slightly less hopeful, but I’m sharing all of the pictures I took in the ~spirit of transparency.~ Shopping isn’t always a positive thing for me — even though I toe the line between straight sizes and plus sizes, I still benefit from a lot of the privilege that thinner people experience – so I went in with an open mind and was mentally prepared to leave empty-handed. Here’s how I did.



Cute enough, but would look even better if it were longer. I may go back for it. I’m wearing a large.



I WANTED TO LOVE THIS. I did. But the sleeves were too long. If you don’t have T-rex arms like me, this is the perfect top to dress up or down. This is an XL.



Bloggers don’t shut up about these leggings FOR A GOOD REASON. I pulled them on and I was like, “I AM NOT TAKING THEM OFF EVER.” They came home with me, of course. These are a large.


WALKING WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. I do not recommend this if you’re short like me, but if you’re taller than 5’2″ and also know how confusing jumpers work, this would be darling.


BP is easily my favorite Nordstrom brand because they’re so reliable. This is an XL, and I bought it. Really excited to style it all summer!


I love wide-legged pants, but they do not love me: The title of my autobiography. I looked so comical in these that I couldn’t bear to share the picture. TBH, I feel like these ran pretty small, so they’re probably cutest on those who are taller and don’t have wide hips.


Went back and forth on these, but decided I probably wouldn’t be able to style them without buying matching tops. Worth checking out if you won’t have the same problem; these are an XL.


I HAVE NEVER FELT SO ATHLETIC IN MY LIFE. These pants are amazing, and I love the cut of the muscle tank. Alas, I have way too much athleisure in my life, but I will probably buy these separately at some point because I’m obsessed. Bottoms are XL, top is an L.



These are the Spanx leggings that sell out every year because they’re supposed to be magical. I have to be honest, for a first timer, I wasn’t impressed with them. They definitely work as shapewear (as seen by my belly button outline) but were baggy around the ankle for me. I linked a similar pair at a lower price point — I think I’d like these better without the compression.


Simple open-front cardigan that’ll probably be a fall staple! I really liked this, even though I didn’t love it over this outfit, obviously. This is a large.



I felt like I was wearing a pillow, but alas, I have two Sherpa-style pullovers already and couldn’t justify this. I probably could’ve done a medium, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy. Can you tell that I was over it? The half-hearted duck face says it all.

Let me know YOUR favorite 2018 Nordstrom anniversary sale picks, my loves!

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