How To Buy A Designer Bag Without Spending A Fortune

They say you shouldn’t talk about politics, religion or money around strangers, but anyone who knows me well knows that I’m passionate about all three. That’s why I’m sharing how I scored an authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for 52 percent off! 

First, I’ve gotta tell y’all how much I love this bag. I’ve wanted one for years, and I’ve never been able to justify the cost. After spending the last few months working around the clock (would not recommend, btw!) I wanted to treat myself. But here’s the thing: I couldn’t justify $1,260 for a bag, even a gorgeous one. (If you CAN spend that, I’m not judging you! I hope to be there one day –– I just can’t do it at this point in my life.)

So I started investigating how to buy a bag that would last me a lifetime without it costing a month’s rent. The overwhelming advice I found online was to buy a high-quality dupe. I wasn’t ever in love with this idea, but I decided to look into it anyway. I found out that good fake LVs in Damier Azur (the white and gray canvas I love) run about $250-$300, which isn’t cheap! For that price, I could get a purse from a less luxurious brand that wasn’t counterfeit. 

I happened to mention all of this to a friend and she was like, “You’re wild. For $250, you just need to cough up the extra money and buy secondhand.” I’ve never bought anything nice from consignment stores, so I was super wary, but she told me about an amazing Facebook group that had been super helpful for her: Louis Vuitton Addicted – Buy Sell & Chat. It has over 130,000 members, many of who are professional authenticators, so I knew it was legit. A few days after I joined, someone posted my dream bag in amazing condition. I went for it!

The seller had a long list of satisfied customers, but I learned I could also get my bag authenticated for $10 thanks to Pro Authenticators, an online authentication service. It’s mainly for peace of mind — if a fake bag is posted in the Facebook group, it gets called out within minutes. I went for it and the bag was at my door in four days! It looks brand new, although I didn’t opt for the pochette pouch that usually comes with it because I knew I wouldn’t need it.

It definitely was still an investment! I decided to clean out my closet and sell anything designer that I didn’t wear often, so I made about half of the money back almost immediately. The other money will just come from my freelance fund! If you’re saving for a bag and don’t want to pay retail, this is definitely something you need to consider.

Here are a few tips for buying secondhand:

  • Ask to see as many pictures of the bag as possible, especially pictures of the date code and up-close pictures of the stitching. You can send these to Pro Authenticators just to make sure it’s legit!
  • Shop around! Both Fashionphile and Poshmark are amazing sites, although a bag has to be over $500 to be authenticated by Poshmark. If you see something priced $490, it may be a scam.
  • Look locally! Many designer consignment stores are now on Instagram and Facebook, so you can just google “your city + designer consignment” and see what comes up to follow them.
  • Join Facebook groups! Since I bought my bag, I’ve joined YSL, Gucci and Chanel communities as well. I’m mostly there to gawk, but if there’s an amazing deal, I’ll definitely be snatching it up!

I hope this helps! What’s your dream purse? LMK in the comments!

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  1. I dream of having a Celine or Chanel purse someday!! will likely just get a MK at some point before that to hold myself off because all my current bags are TJ maxx hash

    Posted 2.4.18 Reply