My Super Extra Plan To Fix My Chronic Lateness

 The Cassia watch from JORD -  click here  for the link! 
The Cassia watch from JORD – click here  for the link! 

Everyone has character flaws, although I like to think of my flaws as lovable quirks. But 2018 is my year of no more excuses and trying my best, so I’m going to try my best to fix my one of the most annoying things about me: my chronic lateness. I even wrote a story for Bustle about what to do when you’re always late and stressed out. It’s bad, fam. Thankfully, the team at JORD Watches sent me a gorgeous wooden watch, and it’s convincing me to actually put my somewhat obnoxious plan into action.

In defense of myself and other late folks who don’t intend to be late, we’re not tardy out of malice. If anything, we’re just over-confident in ourselves. I’m simply ambitious when I predict how long it’ll take me to get places. I was raised in a family of latecomers, so I feel like it’s in my genes. But back to my master plan: I’m going to adopt some drastic measures so I’m not disrespecting the people around me anymore.  First things first: I’m always going to have a clock in sight. Now that I have the wooden watch from JORD, I won’t have an excuse to say that time escaped me. Wearing a physical timepiece may seem strange in 2018, but it’s fashionable and holds you accountable better than a smartphone can! The other two parts of my master plan: I’m setting all of the clocks around me to show a later time so I feel panicked even when I’m on time, and I’m automatically adding 30 minutes to my getting ready routine. I’m a weirdo and hate being early, but I know it’s much more considerate.

If you also struggle with being late, you have to enter the giveaway I’m hosting in partnership with JORD Watches. One lucky winner will receive $100 off the watch of their choice, and everyone who enters will get 10 percent off their next purchase. 


And if you have any lateness tips + tricks, you have to share them with me. I’m clearly in need. 

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