My Daily Makeup Routine (With Before & After Shots)

If you were obsessed with makeup as a child, I seriously envy you. I had the best upbringing, but my parents didn’t let me wear makeup pretty much at all. I finally decided to just start sneaking my own makeup once I had an allowance, but unfortunately, I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING, and it was obvious. I searched high and low for a picture of me wearing LIME GREEN eyeshadow as a teenager, but I must’ve deleted it from all social channels. Thankfully, I still have a reminder of how I used to wear my eyeshadow, which was from lid to brow. No blending needed (or so I told myself).

Whew. I’m grateful for new beginnings, haha. I wanted to share my daily makeup routine with y’all but also open up about makeup + beauty and how it intersects with being a woman of color. The first time I went to a beauty counter, the makeup artist recommended a foundation that I now know was six or seven shades darker than my skin. I bought it and was SO proud to have high-end makeup, but it looked ridiculous on me! Thankfully, the industry has improved in so many ways (in part because brands like Fenty and Beauty Bakerie have raised the bar and are making brands all over do better). I love how fun makeup is, and I love even more that it’s now more accessible to everyone.

My Daily Routine

I’ve separated this into three sections: face, eyes and brushes! I use so much more than what’s linked here, but this has been my go-to look lately. Enjoy! Whenever you see a high-end brand, you should know that it’s something I consider worth the investment because I am not a fan of spending a ton of money on makeup!

I’m no professional, so there’s a good chance I do things in the complete wrong order, but here’s my face routine:

  1. Moisturize.
  2. Apply primer to any areas with large pores, like my nose, under my eyes and my chin. 
  3. Liberally apply tinted foundation primer. 
  4. Use a foundation sponge to apply liquid foundation.
  5. Brush on foundation powder.
  6. Contour, blush, highlight in that order!

I keep my eyes mega simple most days. Less is definitely more for me, although I love seeing other people pull off dramatic looks.

  1. Use eye primer stick all over my lids.
  2. Blend shadow slightly darker than my skin around my outer eye and into the crease.
  3. Apply a glittery or bright shadow to my actual lid.
  4. Blend a transition shade in the crease.
  5. Eyeliner time! (I can’t do a cat eye, so I just freestyle.)
  6. Put on mascara. 

I only use Morphe brushes (although I’ll occasionally throw in a brush that I really love from another brand) and stick to only six or seven tools most times! It’s super simple!

Unedited Before And After

I love how I look both before and after, although my mom did ask if I was going to upload a picture wearing my bonnet online. Keeping it real for y’all! Hopefully you find this helpful –– let me know your favorite makeup brand in the comments!


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