Best Things To Do in Tampa Bay: The Lure, Mandarin Heights, Foundation Coffee

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Welcome to my new favorite blog series! I get asked all the time about the best things to do in Tampa Bay. I'm happy to share my opinion, but I figured I'd crowdsource it and let my followers and friends share some of their favorite things to do in our incredible city. Interested in participating? Email me!

My name is Amanda, and I'm known for my iconic mural photos, affordable millennial fashion & overall zest for life! I share my “Manda take” on the IT places in Tampa & brands - all while having fun & inspiring pure joy in my followers! Follow Amanda on Instagram.

Best restaurant in Tampa Bay?

The Lure South Tampa

Best bar in Tampa Bay?

Mandarin Heights

Best coffee shop in Tampa Bay?


Best Instagram spot in Tampa Bay?

The Hall on Franklin

If you're visiting Tampa Bay for a weekend, you HAVE to check out...

Armature Works or Sparkman Wharf

Best thing about living in Tampa Bay?

How close knit this community is. Tampa has the big city feel with the small town vibe all at the same time.

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  1. FloridaRehabExperts wrote:

    Hey, thanks for the info! I definitely agree on Mandarin, those guys are just top tier. Pay them a visit and be sure that you’re in for a good time, just do not plan anything else for this evening or even weekend! Trust me the atmosphere is just great and overall super smooth experience, can’t recommend enough. I’m not a huge coffee drinker so I can’t vouch on that one! Also, I’d say that if you’re visiting Tampa for a weekend – do not go shopping, explore and wander around instead, it has so many great views, why waste time in the mall?

    Posted 12.27.19 Reply