41 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

Do you shop at Black-owned businesses? For a lot of people, the answer may be, “I have no idea who owns the businesses I frequent.” It’s not unusual to not consider race when you’re thinking about which stores, restaurants, and businesses you’re buying from. But businesses owned by people of color — specifically Black people — face challenges that other entrepreneurs will not encounter. One example: during the COVID-19 crisis, the federal government offered relief loans to help small businesses. But many Black business owners who didn’t have existing relationships with banks were shut out from the loan application process, which many banks allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Whether or not you participated in #BlackOutDay in June, I’m sure you’ve seen a rush of support for Black-owned businesses in the last few days. I asked my followers for their favorite Black-owned brands, and boy, did y’all deliver! I got so many suggestions that I couldn’t include them all, but I made sure to add any that came up multiple times. Let me know your favorite business from this list. I tried to include businesses owned by women of color whenever I could, so you’ll have many options to sort through.

Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support

Jewelry Brands

Decadent Minis 

Led by Trina Moreau, a self-taught artist, this polymer clay jewelry and miniature dollhouse food seriously looks good enough to eat.

Crystal Pleasures

Breathtakingly beautiful crystal jewelry and stones. You can buy loose crystals or necklaces and bracelets, and they’re seriously all surprisingly affordable.

Oma The Label

I’m a total sucker for dainty gold jewelry, so I’m excited whenever Oma restocks its pieces. The chunky cable necklace is a favorite for me, but everything on the site looks amazing.

BR Design Co.

*cries my eyes out that my ears aren’t pierced* It’s fine. I’m fine. These polymer clay earrings are so much fun that I’m tempted to go to a piercer and try to get my ears pierced again.

The Tiny Tassel 

Every piece on The Tiny Tassel’s website feels like a party. If colorful and preppy is your jam, check them out.

Hair Brands

The Wrap Life

They’re sold out of almost all of the wraps I love, but you better believe I’m eager for a restock. Update: everything finally restocked, and I have three of the classic wraps. They’re perfect for days when I’m wearing a protective style and don’t want to style my hair. 

The Puff Cuff

Getting my natural hair into a normal hair tie simply isn’t a possibility. I can’t wait to try a hair clamp from The Puff Cuff! I usually love funky colors in hair accessories, but I dig that there are only two options, which makes it easier to choose.

Oemi Botanicals

If you have kinky, oily hair, add this to your buy list. Their hair products all sound like they smell amazing.

Mielle Organics

Your hair deserves a spa day, which is why I love Mielle Organics. I’m eyeing their hair vitamins myself, but you can’t go wrong with anything you pick. You can sort by hair type as you browse, too.

Skin + Body Care


I’m just now finding the value in spending a little bit more money on skincare. I usually stick to the masks on the Target clearance rack, but I’m trying to get better. If you’re going to splurge on a face mask, make sure it’s from GOLDE. Check out their wellness section for goodies, too. They also offer super-ades if you’re looking for something healthy to drink.

OUI the People

These luxury razors are to die for, and their bikini line masks look incredible. Products sell out pretty quickly, so I’d join their email list to make sure you don’t miss out on restocks.

Alikay Naturals

Alikay has haircare, skincare, and body care, along with lifestyle and wellness products. Seriously a one-stop shop for anything you need to pamper yourself. White voices usually dominate the beauty industry, so upscale Black-owned brands deserve your attention.

Lulu’s Holistic Skincare 

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite product from their website, but the turmeric and lavender soap bar caught my eye. I love that they have options for men, too — I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift.


I am intrigued by LUV SCRUB, mainly because I don’t exfoliate enough as-is. They have rave reviews, so I really want to check them out. According to reviews from media outlets and regular customers, the Luv Scrub is significantly better than a regular loofah.

Oshun Organics 

Crystal and herbal-infused skincare — need I say more? Oshun is the brand that popped up in my DMs repeatedly when I asked for Black business recommendations, and it’s not hard to see why. The brand is rich and culture and rooted in the Yoruba and Ifa religions.

Pure with Love

Tampa-based, Black-owned and soaps so delicious I want to eat them? Check, check, check. Along with smelling heavenly, these soap bars feel like great conversation pieces. Take the dirt and worms candle. I’ve never craved a childhood treat more.

Honey Dipped Essentials

Organic soaps, body oil, bath soak, and the dreamiest branding I’ve ever seen. The Honey Dipped Essentials Gift Basket would make a perfect gift for anyone, but I’m bookmarking it for Mother’s Day. It includes bath soak, a body oil bar, a loofah, a bath pouf, white smudge stick.


Not only does Alaffia have an incredible selection of face and body products for kids and adults, but they’re also a 501(c)3 organization all about empowering communities in the African diaspora. Almost all of the products have numerous five-star reviews, which makes me feel even more confident about recommending them.

Butter Love by LC

These bath soaks and body butters look low-key scrumptious, and I love the commitment to using natural ingredients. You can also buy loose leaf teas, which jumped out to me because I’ve started drinking a lot more tea lately. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the lavender green tea looks amazing.

Food + Drink Brands

Osha’s Kitchen

You don’t need a write-up to understand why you need these cookies. LOOK AT THEM. The prices are super affordable, too — for only $20 a month, you’ll receive six jumbo cookies. You can also buy brownies, cakes, and a wide assortment of cookie flavors.

Partake Foods

If you’re in the mood for dessert and looking for gluten-free or vegan treats, Partake comes highly recommended. They offer crunchy cookies, along with soft-baked options, and you can also buy your own baking mix to try it at home.

Home & Art Brands

Light the Candle Co. 

I’m sold on the candle names and descriptions alone. For “Don’t Text Him:” Sis, don’t let a few glasses of champagne land you in a night of misery. Protect your peace, Queen! To make it even better, the scent sounds amazing, too: mandarin, champagne, mimosa, coconut, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla.

MKoby Art

I had the privilege of calling Melissa an IG friend before she went viral, so I was stoked to see a follower suggest her beautiful art. She produces stunning pieces of art with a focus on Black women, and her work would make a fine addition to any gallery wall.

Bria Nicole Art

I want to decorate my entire house with prints from Bria’s shop. You’ll see why if you check it out. Bria’s website says she designs art that feels familiar and brings peace and joy to customers. The vibrant colors and eclectic designs are ridiculously fun.

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle was suggested by several of my followers, and it’s not hard to see why. Hand-blown glasses in jewel tones? Say no more. Like many things on this list, these glasses are a bit of a splurge, but I’m learning that having pieces that are ethically sourced and well-made makes it worth it to spend a little more money.

Harlem Candle Company

I’m a sucker for candles, and Harlem’s rave reviews combined with the fact that they’re sold out of so many scents has me eyeing their website. You can shop by scent, too: They offer options like floral, fruity, woody, and citrus.

Bolé Road Textiles

It’s becoming more important to shop with small, sustainable brands, and Bolé has a lot of good stuff to choose from. While the price point is a bit higher than I’d usually spend — pillows start at around $150 — it’s worth it, given that each item is handwoven in Ethiopia.

Passport 7

So many candle brands, so little time. I’m tempted to try their scents inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World. I also love the story behind their name — owner Danielle Greene designed candles around her extensive international travels.

Love Offering

Another Tampa-based brand! Josefina’s calligraphy is breathtaking, and her book about pregnancy loss was a huge help to me after my miscarriage. She now offers prints, online courses, bags, and greeting cards. If I could add everything to my cart, I would.


My style leans minimalist, but looking at the cups, pillows and rugs on Jungalow’s website has me wanting a house filled with color. I don’t always splurge on home goods, but this brand has me ready to drop some cash.

Southern Elegance Candle Company

My favorite thing about Southern Elegance’s website? The candles are sorted by season, which makes it way easier to pick out a favorite scent. The 2021 spring and summer collection includes watermelon lemonade, peach and champagne, and basil and mint.

The Koop 

Are you thinking, “Another candle brand?” The answer, dear reader, is yes. How could I not include The Koop when they have a candle named after Golden Hour? Each candle is toxin- and phthalate-free, and the descriptions included make it impossible to pick one. For example, the Winter candle smells like putting on a cashmere sweater and has notes of cedar, muget, sandalwood, vanilla, and mandarin.

EcoVibe Style

EcoVibe has so much to choose from — from plants to rugs to journals, you’ll be able to pick up gifts for everyone in your life from this one shop. There’s also apparel, kitchenware, gardening supplies, lighting, and books. You could probably get your Christmas list from top to bottom without leaving their website.

Hathor’s Organic Co.

I was tempted to cut Hathor’s from my list just because I have so many candles on here that it’s getting obnoxious, but after looking at their affirmation candle scents, I knew I had to include them. The lavender and coconut milk candle is one of my favorites from afar. It’s all-natural lavender and vanilla oil infused with fresh lavender sprigs.



Kido Chicago

It’ll be at least two years before these potato chip sweatpants fit my daughter, but now I’m upset they don’t come in adult sizes. I’m a huge fan of whimsical, fun designs for kids, so I can’t recommend this shop enough.

Elisamama Kids

These African printed dresses are everything, and they come in infant sizes! I plan to match with Nora once she’s old enough, so I’m bookmarking this shop — I’m excited to come back when she’s older.

Jane Dottie Vintage

These scrunchies give me 80s vibes in the absolute best way. Led by founder and CEO Tatyana ZW Alanis, these embroidered and organza scrunchies stand out and are well worth the money.

Legendary Rootz

It was impossible for me to pick just one shirt from their website — I now own five. A few of my favorite designs include the You Can’t Touch My Hair shirt and The America We Live In shirt. These tops are nothing if not conversation starters, and I find myself always going back for more.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is known for its “luxury accessories that celebrate cultural histories and timeless design.” With a mix of sculptures, shoes, handbags, and small leather goods, you have a ton of options if you’re looking for something a bit upscale. Given the demographics of the fashion industry, it’s refreshing to see a Black brand thriving.


Semicolon Chicago

Semicolon is a Black woman-owned bookstore based in Chicago with an online bookstore as well. They have a huge selection, so make sure you check out their site if you’re interested in African-American literature.

Harriett’s Bookshop

Based in Philadelphia, Harriett’s also has a robust online collection, and a lot of the books are on sale right now! I’m guilty of just shopping on Amazon instead of looking for small online shops, but this renewed push to support Black businesses has me frequenting small businesses more.

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