Nora’s Birth Story

Without further ado, here’s our long-overdue birth story featuring premature rupture of membranes and an emergency c-section. We’re so glad that she made it here to be with us!

On Monday, August 3, at 35 weeks, 6 days, I told a friend, “I have no idea how I’m going to make it to September 1st!” Nora measured ahead for most of the pregnancy, so my “goal” due date in my head was between August 27 and her actual due date. LITTLE DID I KNOW.

Monday night was completely uneventful, other then some weird back pain (I slept on the couch because I couldn’t get comfortable). Around 5am, I felt AWFUL stomach pain and ran to the bathroom, thinking it was food poisoning and I was in for a night of diarrhea. I didn’t poop, but I wiped and there was blood, which I thought was weird. I stood up to grab my phone to Google it. I kid you not, I started gushing water like a faucet.

I’d always read that your water breaking isn’t a dramatic movie moment, but for me it was! I yelled Vagner’s name, had him finish packing our hospital bag, and called my OB. The on-call midwife told me that I didn’t have to rush to the hospital because I was having zero contractions, but I needed to get there soon.

My husband drives us to the hospital (with a stop at Starbucks, but I was too nervous to get anything). I am sitting with a towel between my legs because I am still leaking. We arrive at the hospital, and they put me in a wheelchair. I am leaking amniotic fluid everywhere and apologizing profusely.

They give me the COVID test (awful), swab to make sure it’s amniotic fluid (also awful), and give me a steroid shot since I’m early term (might win for most awful of all). At this point, I’m having occasional period cramps. Labor is fun, I think to myself.

PLOT TWIST. They let me labor all day by myself, I’m loving my life. Bustle even interviewed me about Q Anon (picture for proof).

They finally check my cervix after me being there since 6am at 10pm, so I’m roughly 16 hours after my water breaking. I am barely 1cm dilated and only 30% effaced aka barely in labor.

Because my waters are ruptured, they don’t want to do a vaginal induction. They give me oral Cytotec at 10pm. It gave me awful, AWFUL diarrhea on top of awful contractions, and I basically just sobbed until 7am, and I thought I had a high pain tolerance. They check me at 7am and I’m only 2cm but slightly more effaced.

Around 2am, they noticed that her heart rate was dropping after contractions, but it wasn’t dramatic enough that nurses were concerned. By 7am (when they planned to give me Pitocin) they let me know the OB wasn’t comfortable inducing any further with the heart rate decelerations. This is the first time anyone mentioned a C-section — they asked if I was okay with an epidural, and I was like PLEASE GOD YES. They said they wanted to put it in because there was a chance I’d need surgery. I was so out of my mind with Cytotec pain that it took some time to register.

I get the epidural. Life is grand. I’m hungry for the first time, chatting, calling my mom, waiting for Pitocin. Around 9am, the midwife comes in and places an internal contraction monitor to confirm that her heart rate drops are linked to the contractions. They are. The midwife stresses that she isn’t in fetal distress, but if I progress, we could get there. They theorize that it’s due to her cord being loosely around her neck or in front of her face and squeezing her anytime I contract.

At this point, we’re 29 hours in. I’m OVER IT. I basically tell them to do whatever needs to happen. My OB drives in and confirms the C-section with me. I’m like, “Whatever, let’s go.”

I realize as they’re wheeling me back that it’s the same OB and same operating room where I had my D&C after losing my son last summer. I start to cry because hello surgery and also hello deja vu. The nurses were great and very comforting.

They let my husband come in at 10:30am, and our girl was born at 10:52am! 5lbs, 5oz, 18.5 inches. They immediately lifted her so we could see and then moved her to check her. Other than her blood glucose and oxygen, she was fine. I forgot to mention that I had zero idea our hospital didn’t have a NICU and found that out when I got there, so file that under questions I should’ve asked. Thankfully, her oxygen resolved on its own and her blood glucose looked great! They had her on an IV but released us 48 hours after her birth. She slept in the room with us from the first day, and she was an angel from day one.


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