How To Take Great Pictures Of Newborns At Home

You guys were super excited about this blog post, so I made it a priority to write it as soon as I could. I’m going to cover taking pictures of babies and adults at home in two different formats. If babies aren’t your thing, keep on scrolling — we’ll get to adults on my Instagram! Anyway, this is Nora in her natural state — hanging out on a playmat, covered in toys. When I’m taking pictures for Instagram, though, things tend to look a bit more ~aesthetic.~ Here’s my prep for taking a nice iPhone picture of Norie.

  1. Location, location, location

Her nursery has a nice window, so I love shooting in there. I have to rearrange things to make it work, but one important thing to remember when shooting indoors is that placing your subject in front of a window will usually give you really nice light on their face and body. I pull back the curtains in her nursery to make sure it’ll be bright enough for any pictures. If you’re taking a picture of someone in a room with a window, open the curtains and have them stand facing the light source. If you only read one thing, let it be this: YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND LIGHT TO COMPOSE A GOOD PICTURE.

2. Add Props

I’m always holding a coffee mug or cup in hand in my pictures. While Nora isn’t old enough for coffee, I still surround her with props to make a picture seem more complete. Stuffed animals, shoes, toys — anything can work. Just lay the baby on a flat surface and include a few knickknacks in your picture.

3. Take The Picture

When you’re moving with a baby, you have to move FAST. I usually stand over Nora in front of a window, and push the shutter button on my iPhone repeatedly until I’m satisfied that I have a winner. Once I do, I edit the picture with the Tezza app on iPhone. Then I’m done!

Here’s what my camera roll looks like when I do this, by the way.

Practice makes perfect!

4. Time The Picture Right

Last but not least, I always take pictures when she’s had a fresh diaper change and isn’t hungry. I don’t want to pose when I’m hungry or needing to go to the bathroom! I’d much rather her be sleepy and cooperative than upset with me because she hasn’t eaten. Hope this has been helpful. Now head to Instagram to watch my video for posing adults!

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