Solid Gold Pet Review: Why Luna Loves This Holistic Pet Food

This post is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. As always, all thoughts are my own.

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When we first adopted Luna, we knew nothing about her. It’s a familiar story if you’ve adopted your own dog from a shelter — other than her name (FiFi) and age (8 years old), they couldn’t tell us anything.

Because of this, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into products designed to help Luna in her senior years and better her health all around, because we’ve had our fair share of vet visits for health problems since we got her. That’s why I was intrigued by Solid Gold Pet, a holistic pet food brand that supports cat and dogs’ systems by providing food that cleanses, balances, and fuels the gut so they can experience health inside and out. Luna tried healthy supplements to add to her existing diet, so there was no need to overhaul everything. 

Luna has struggled with itching her skin and coat since we got her, and she also battles gagging and coughing after meals. We kept this in mind when choosing the products to sample for her.

We decided to try two products: the Bone Broth Stew and the SeaMeal Powder supplement. The SeaMeal supplement is made from seaweed and flaxseed and helps with skin and coat issues, digestive health, and immune health (perfect for Luna!). Just add a scoop to your fur baby’s food for immediate added nutrition! The stew has nutrient rich bone broth packed in a human-grade dish that has 6 nutritious superfoods, including veggies and premium-cuts of beef, lamb or chicken, just like what we eat. The stew can be added to the top of your pup’s meal or served as a nutrient-rich treat.

All of Solid Gold’s products are designed to improve your pet’s way of life and improve their gut health, so you can’t go wrong. Luna was a huge fan of the stew and the powder supplement, though, so we knew we did something right taste-wise too. We love that we can get the health benefits Luna needs, without sacrificing flavor!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s health without sacrificing their taste buds, I wholeheartedly recommend Solid Gold Pet. Their foods help address your dog’s problems instead of merely masking symptoms, and it’s all tasty to boot.


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