13 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Right Now


Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re panicking about what to get your mom. Unique Mother’s Day gifts can be hard to find, and I’ve definitely found myself scrambling at the last minute, trying to figure out what my mom wants. She usually tells us that she has everything she needs when we ask. It’s touching but not entirely helpful.

My go-to gift for my mom and mother-in-law is a bouquet (my favorite!) and a nice card, which is always appreciated. I found myself wanting to get a little creative this year, so I surveyed my amazing audience. As always, you all came through. These are a few of the most popular responses to my poll about out-of-the-box gift ideas for moms and grandmas. BTW, I fully support you treating yourself to a gift if you’re a mom yourself — we deserve it.

1. Hotel Lobby Candle

Okay, so this candle brand was started by Lindsay Silberman, who is one of my favorite bloggers and podcast guests. But I’m not just hyping up the brand because Lindsay founded it. These candles are divine. Seriously, they’re so much better than the cheap ones I’ve bought that I wonder how I’ve gone this long without them. Any mom would love a set from them. SHOP HERE.

2. Prepdeck Meal Prep System

I occasionally go through periods where I get frenzied and organize my entire house, and I find tidiness extremely calming. My mom is a fantastic cook, so I’ve bookmarked this meal prep system for future gifting. SHOP HERE.

3. MasterClass Subscription

MasterClass feels a bit pricey, but if your mom loves trying new things, this is what you need. For $180, you get an all-access pass to watch classes from people like Annie Leibovitz, Issa Rae, Alicia Keys, and Shonda Rhimes. SHOP HERE.

4. Nice Pajamas

You spend a sizable portion of your day sleeping, so you might as well be comfortable. That’s my mantra with sheets and mattresses, but I’ve just started prioritizing nice pajamas instead of sleeping in oversized sorority shirts. If your mom is the same way, luxury PJs are the way to go. SHOP HERE.

5. Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream

I love both dessert and drinks, so combining both is something I can get down with. Unlike many boozy desserts that don’t live up to the hype, Tipsy Scoop actually tastes good. If your mom has a sweet tooth, this is a great option. SHOP HERE.

6. Milk Bar Cake

I haven’t tried Milk Bar’s desserts, but I’m already eyeing their website for Father’s Day (don’t tell Vagner). Their cult following and the rave reviews are enough for me to add their cake to the list. SHOP HERE.

7. Geometry Kitchen Towels

I place a lot of value on high-quality linens these days, which is 100% proof that I’m getting older. These premium towels from Geometry are pretty while also drying dishes quickly. After all, no one wants a mildewy towel. SHOP HERE.

8. A Creative Cookbook

It’s no secret that I’m not the best cook, but desserts are a different game. I perfected my banana bread skills during the pandemic, and a pastry cookbook feels equally challenging and enriching. SHOP HERE. 

9. StoryWorth Keepsake Books

I’ve always cherished pictures, even when I was a kid and carried around a digital camera. I love the StoryWorth recommendation because it could be an heirloom passed down over generations. If mom is sentimental, this is the gift for her. SHOP HERE.

10. Le Papier Jewelry

I eyed these necklaces for a long time before giving birth, and I decided against it because they felt too expensive. Vagner knew I’d mentioned it in passing and gave it to me a few months after Nora was born. I still have trouble with the price tag, but I can attest firsthand to the necklace being well worth the cost. SHOP HERE.

11. Pura Diffuser

I alternate between candles and essential oils when I’m using fragrance at home, and Pura is a smart diffuser that you can control from your phone. With scents like Capri Blue’s Volcano, I’m adding it to my “to buy” list just in case I don’t get it for Mother’s Day. SHOP HERE. 

12. A Night Away

You don’t need me to link to a product for this one. Give your mom a night away at a hotel or Airbnb to recharge, open a bottle of wine, take a bubble bath, and sleep in. I love a weekend with Vagner, but time to myself? Priceless. You could also loop in a friend and send your mom away for a girls’ weekend if you really want to make her smile.

13. Goodies From Local Businesses

There’s nothing I love more than a gift from a local boutique. I love seeing Tampa businesses succeed, and if your mom loves her city as much as I do, a gift like this will go a long way. If you’re in Tampa and looking for recommendations, I say to check out Posies Flower Truck or Urban Bungalow.

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