April 2021 Recap: What I Bought, Watched, And Read

Shocker: I’m writing a recap post in a timely manner (if you haven’t read one before, they usually come two weeks after a month ends). This month was a good one! Vagner and I are now both fully vaccinated and inoculated, and we took our first real trip since February 2020 to visit our best friends in South Florida. Everyone was able to meet Nora for the first time, and it was extremely special. Work has been a bit busier for me, so I didn’t watch or read as many things as I usually do. I have discovered a few new podcasts, which has made my drives a bit more fun. Here are a few of the things that I did have a chance to buy, watch, and read.

Things I Bought

TARGET LOUNGEWEAR SET: Tragically, the exact set I’ve been sharing on Instagram is sold out, but Target has plenty of similar ones. I’m fine with splurging on plus-size loungewear, but it’s nice to get a set for under $40. Find it here.

SUPERGOOP MATTE SCREEN: This is one of those purchases I debated for months before springing for it. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t grow up wearing sunscreen unless I was at the beach. This super-protective sunscreen has a matte finish, which makes it a perfect base for makeup. Find it here. 

KITSCH FACE MASKS: I got in the habit of using disposable face masks when I was pregnant and could barely breathe when it was hot outside. I’m trying to be more sustainable, so I’m buying as many cute cotton masks as possible, like this three-pack from Kitsch. Find it here.

COCOKIND VITAMIN C SERUM: This product was gifted to me, but you can file it under “things so good I’d buy again.” It smells amazing, and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. It’s also surprisingly affordable compared to luxury skincare. Find it here.

SEPHORA LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH: I’ve been loyal to my beauty blender since I was in college, but I haven’t been super happy with the way it blends. I decided to try out something new, and this brush had amazing reviews. My foundation looks smoother than ever, and I can’t recommend it enough. Find it here.

Things I Watched

THE ONE, NETFLIX: I spent less time watching TV than usual this month, but I still got in a couple of good watches. The One is a dystopian show about matchmaking. It basically revolves around what life would be like if Mark Zuckerberg had access to our DNA. The concept is intriguing, but the execution was off for me. There’s basically no time spent on the most interesting part of the show thanks to a murder mystery plot. Not my favorite watch, but I’ll still tune in for season two.

Things I Read

CONVERSATIONS WITH GRIEF, TETYANA DENTON: Tetyana offered me a copy of her book, and if I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure when I’d get to it. Balancing baby care with work leaves me without much leisure time. I picked it up, though, and I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t put it down. It’s filled with beautiful and moving poetry about grieving, and it almost made me cry more than once. Find it here.

HE’D WAITED DECADES TO ARGUE HIS INNOCENCE, PROPUBLICA: I’m always astounded by ProPublica investigations that explore the ineptitude and injustice in our criminal justice system. This story follows a man who is almost certainly wrongly convicted, and the judge who denied his case due to untreated dementia. Read it here.

WHY AM I SP BAD at TYPIGN?, BUZZFEED: Not all of this month’s recommendations are heavy ones. This Buzzfeed article is a delightful read about why we’re all so bad at typing on smartphones. I relate to this hard. I used to have 20 points deducted for spelling errors in journalism school, and now I’m lucky if I put together a coherent Instagram caption without the help of Grammarly. Read it here.

Thank you for reading – see you in June! xx


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