July 2021 Recap: What I Watched, Bought And Read


Hello there! Long time, no talk. I unintentionally skipped my June roundup because I was so busy. We went to Sarasota for Father’s Day weekend, I flew to Atlanta to meet up with some blogging friends a few days later, and then I got so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed. (Not COVID, thankfully!) July was a lot easier for me. I turned 28, hit a couple exciting work milestones, and spent most of my free time at the pool with Nora. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

 Things I Bought

June was a bit spendy, to say the least. I made an effort to buy less this month because I know that August will also be expensive. Here are a few things that I’m glad I purchased. The Draper James dress was gifted by the brand, and everything else I purchased myself. I may earn a small commission if you shop from any of the links shared below.

The Draper James dress I’m wearing in the top photo in this post is forever a fave — so fun and feminine and still light enough for summer. Shop here.

I rarely shop in person anymore, but I wandered to Target’s clothing section after grocery shopping and found my new holy grail tee. It’s cropped and boxy in a fun way, and only costs $8! I took my normal size. Shop here.

In college, I used to buy makeup palettes the week they were released, but I grew out of that as my habit got more expensive. A few of my friends swear by HUDA Beauty, so I decided to try their Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. I can confidently say that it lives up to the hype. Shop here.

Indulging on a Starbucks chai latte is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but my wallet disagrees. One of you lovely people recommended The Chai Box, and I’m telling pretty much everyone I know about it. Shop here.

Things I Read

I saw The Push by Ashley Audrain recommended by my friend Grace Atwood and was intrigued by the description. I’m not someone who usually needs trigger warnings for books, but this one was brutally honest in its depictions of abortion, miscarriage, and child loss. I found myself second guessing which side I should be on until the very end. I don’t know that I’d call it a thriller, but it is incredible gripping. Shop here.

How Going Home Helped Inspire Leon Bridges’s New Album—And Saved His Life, Texas Monthly: I’ve always found Leon Bridges’s music catchy, but this incredible deep dive into his journey makes me like him as a person. The narrative style here is so good, too — read it to see what I mean.

The Subversive Joy of Lil Nas X’s Gay Pop Stardom, The New York Times Magazine: Have you heard the phrase “black boy joy” before? Lil Nas X embodies it. Learning about his struggles with being gay, how he cleverly made it big, and how he’s dealing with the pushback he’s receiving from homophobes makes me respect him even more.

His Name Was Emmett Till, The AtlanticI tried to read this all in one sitting and had to take breaks. Remembering the brutality of Emmett Till’s death and the fact that no one was ever held accountable is too much to handle sometimes. The author interviews people who knew Emmett, along with white people who still live in the town where he was murdered. It’s a sobering read.

Things I Watched

Hacks, HBO: I didn’t know if I’d find Hacks funny, but it lives up to the hype it’s receiving. It’s crude at times, but so endearing. A lot of the jokes seem designed for the extremely-online millennial, so I couldn’t help but love it. Beyond the humor, there are several emotional moments that make the characters even more endearing.

Too Hot To Handle, Netflix: I could lie to you and pretend I only watched highbrow television this month, or I could be honest — Too Hot To Handle is brilliantly addictive. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, a group of attractive strangers are put on a remote island and banned from physical contact. It’s even juicier than it sounds.

Thanks, as always, for reading. See you at the end of August!


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