August 2021: What I Watched, Bought And Read

Hello, September! I’m a sucker for all things fall, especially because we’re closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I loved August. Nora turned one, Vagner and I went to Mexico, and we got to catch up with friends and family along the way. Emotionally, it was a weird one — my therapist actually left her job, and I haven’t had the bandwidth to find another. Also, the COVID delta variant is literally keeping me up some nights. Having an unvaccinated baby is really, really hard. That being said, it was still probably my best month of the year. The last half of 2020 and first few months of 2021 weren’t great, so it’s refreshing to be back into the swing of things and enjoying life.

What I Bought 

I’m sharing this dress first because it was a top seller this month and I’ve fallen in love with it. I gravitate toward baggy and oversized, so this is a change, but a good one! Bonus: it’s currently on sale. Don’t let the stock image fool you, BTW — that’s why I shared a real picture instead of using it. It does no favors to this dress! ASOS, $34.50

I didn’t start shopping at American Eagle until a year-and-a-half ago — I think I mentally associated it with Aeropostale and Hollister still? Anyway, it’s now one of my go-tos, and these black shorts were a staple on vacation. They run true to size and are on sale! American Eagle, $37.46

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I’m a fair-weather fan when it comes to my alma mater. I’m still a sucker for school spirit, though, so this oversized spirit jersey called my name. Fanatics is having a 20% off sale site-wide, so you can get it at a discount! Fanatics, $43.99

I searched for the perfect swimsuit for our Mexico trip but didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Ordering online is always hit-or-miss, but I was delighted by this suit from CUPSHE. It’s available on Amazon Prime and pretty supportive, and there are a dozen patterns to choose from. Amazon, $32.99

This hair oil was recommended by my hair stylist. I usually use argan oil, but this oil smells great and is better for dryness. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and I’m sold. You also get a good-sized bottle for a great price. Amazon, $11

What I Read

The Girls Are All So Nice Here, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn: I read this book in less than a day — it’s impossible to put down. I’d probably give it four stars out of five because there are parts that feel implausible, but it’s still worth a read if you love a good thriller. Trigger warning for suicide.

Fan Club, Erin Mayer: I had the pleasure of receiving an advanced copy of a thriller written by someone I know! Erin’s book is all about a cult-like group that’s obsessed with a pop star and how an ordinary digital writer gets roped in.

Do These 4,000 Federal Inmates Belong Behind Bars?, Insider: This story was a heartbreaking reminder that prison has always been about punishment and not rehabilitation. It’s a moving, infuriating article that’s worth your time.

What I Watched

White Lotus, HBO: What is there to say that hasn’t been said already? There are so many think pieces on this show that I hesitate to even add my opinion. All I can say is that it’s well-acted, the Gen Z teens have the funniest discourse I’ve seen in a while, and both the sex scenes and suitcase scene felt gratuitous. Still a good show to binge.

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime, Netflix: I started watching this because I knew Vagner would enjoy a crime doc set in Brazil, but by the end of it I was scratching my head at why they dragged it out into a multi-part series. Definitely an interesting watch, although I don’t find Elize to be a sympathetic character at all.

See you at the end of September!

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