September 2021: What I Bought, Watched, And Read

Happy, happy October! Does anyone else feel like this year is on warp speed? I had a lot of fun in September — we celebrated my mom’s birthday and Vagner’s 29th. I went to one of my oldest friend’s bachelorette party in Siesta Key! Vagner and I started planning a spontaneous anniversary trip. Anyway, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite purchases and entertainment from September — read on to see!

Things I Bought

NEW FAVE FOUNDATION: I’ve had the ILIA skin tint on my wishlist for over a year. You can imagine my delight when they graciously reached out and asked if I wanted to try it, no-strings-attached. Y’all, the way that I’m obsessed. It’s pricey (at least for me), but so worth it. ILIA, $48

SMELLS LIKE A SPA: I don’t usually buy anything scented without trying it first, but I kept seeing reviews for the Nécessaire body wash and didn’t feel like driving to Sephora. I got the eucalyptus scent after reading a ton of reviews, and it’s well worth $25. Even Vagner noticed how good our shower smells now. Sephora, $25

BEAUTY SPONGES FOR LESS: My friend Tomi actually shared these beauty blender dupes in her newsletter, and I was immediately sold. They work just as well as the brand names for a fraction of the cost. The 65,000 reviews convinced me that I needed to try them. Amazon, $8.99

AT-HOME FOOT TREATMENT: I’m not going to get into details, but let’s just say that my feet aren’t naturally silky smooth. I don’t get regular pedicures but am also tired of my feet looking cracked and dry. This foot file works. I recommend doing it right after you shower. Amazon, $9.99

THE CURL CREME OF MY DREAMS: Going natural has been such a process, and I’m still figuring out which products work. My mom told me about this styling creme, and I’ve used it almost daily since I got it. It works as well as the expensive stuff. Sally Beauty, $9.39

Things I Read

I didn’t read any books in September, but I consumed a whole lot of journalism. Some of my favorites are below.

A Night at the 9/11-Themed Bar and How America Turns Tragedy Into Sales, VICE: If the headline doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will. This is easily my favorite longform journalism piece I read last month. Read it here.

‘I Helped Destroy People’, The New York Times Magazine: Imagine working as an FBI agent and choosing to leak documents for the sake of democracy, knowing that you’ll almost certainly face jail time. I definitely couldn’t do it, so I found this story fascinating. The most frustrating part is that virtually nothing changed as a result. Read it here.

Perdition Days: On Experiencing Psychosis, The Toast: I’m partial to any writing about mental illness, and this piece is so achingly beautiful that it’s my favorite I’ve read in months. I can’t recommend it enough. Read it here.

After the 9/11 Attacks, Boston Found a Focus for Its Anger, The New York Times: This is a really fascinating glance at how a city turned against one of its own leaders even though she couldn’t have conceivably prevented the terrorist attacks. Read it here.

When Doug and Ashley Benefield Started a Ballet Company, It Wasn’t Supposed to End in Death, Vanity Fair: I learned about this case from a viral TikTok, and this deep dive provides more context than I could’ve expected. It’s a long one, but it has wilds twists and turns, including a cameo from former President Trump. Read it here.

I usually include a subheading for shows and movies I’ve watched, but none of the media I consumed last month was good enough for me to recommend it to you. Succession returns later this month, so at least we’ve got that going for us. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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