5 Ways To Make Your Home Host-Worthy

This post is sponsored by Febreze. As always, all opinions are my own.

I’ve always loved hosting people. I attribute it to my parents — on holidays, our home was always overflowing with family members and friends. Now that I have a house on my own, I find reasons to invite friends over. A few of my favorite events that we’ve hosted include a Grammys watch party, a pizza party for our friends to meet Nora, and our housewarming. It’s a lot of work, but it’s always so much fun.

I get stressed if I don’t have time to prepare, but that’s an unavoidable reality. More than once, we’ve decided to have people over at the last minute — or even more stressful, they’ve let us know they’re coming with little notice — and only have a few hours to get your home clean and tidy, ready for guests. What do you do?

I’m partnering with Febreze to share a few of the ways I keep my home prepared for hosting. I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried Febreze AIR products. I’m used to air fresheners that only marginally make a room smell better, but these room freshener sprays actually neutralize and eliminate odors instead of just masking them, leaving a fresh scent behind. Scent is such a big deal to me, and my goal is always to have people say, “Your house smells so good” when they walk in.

1. Easy appetizers

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to make a gourmet meal for your visitors. A charcuterie spread is one of my go-to meals when I’m feeding other people. All it takes is a visit to your local grocery store to pick up a few meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. If charcuterie isn’t your thing, I recommend sticking to appetizers or dessert — unless you’re a whiz in the kitchen, it’ll likely stress you out to prepare an entree. I also recommended making chicken wings in our air fryer — there’s a delicious garlic Parmesan recipe that’s always a hit. The only downside? They can leave the kitchen smelling pretty strongly. If you need to instantly get rid of odors after cooking, Febreze is a must. Instead of barely covering up smells, it actually eliminates them and leaves your house smelling good as new.

2. Pick up flowers

I’m not great at taking care of flowers, but I still buy them because they’re so pretty to look at. They make such an easy centerpiece, and if you pick up a bouquet from your local grocery store, they’re pretty cheap. My favorite arrangement for when guests are visiting is white hydrangeas, although I sometimes spring for peonies if they’re in season. Throw them in a fun vase or pitcher, and your coffee table will immediately look spruced up.

3. Use Febreze to freshen every room

Malodors (aka lingering bad smells) can actually make it harder for you to concentrate and create stress, which is not ideal when you’re hosting people. Studies have shown that when malodor is removed and a pleasant scent is added, it can have positive effects on your mood, reduce stress, and enhance memory. To make your home fresh and inviting for your guests, you really can’t go wrong with any Febreze scent. If you’re looking for recommendations, Febreze AIR LIGHT Lavender is what we’ve been using around our house.

I’m careful with what products I use around the house because of Nora and Luna, which is why I love Febreze — they do things differently. To start, Febreze uses a water-based formula and a 100% natural propellant. Then they use familiar ingredients to neutralize bad smells, like citric acid (found in citrus fruits). They also use cyclodextrin (a starch found in sweet corn and potatoes) to truly eliminate odors. Keep it handy and you’ll be able to freshen up your home in a hurry.

4. Tidy up, but don’t overdo it 

When I find out that someone’s coming over, I tend to throw myself into cleaning mode. I’ve realized that my time is better spent elsewhere. Instead of scrubbing the floors, I clean the guest bathroom and tidy the common areas. I’ve never gone to someone’s home and examined their baseboards, after all.

5. Have fun

This is, by far, the most important thing to remember if you’re going to host people at your house. At the end of the day, you’re gathering to spend time together. Don’t get lost in the minute details. Soak up the time with the people you love and enjoy the fact that you get to spend time with them at home. Your memories are what will last.

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