Anniversary Weekend Recap: Where We Ate, Stayed & More

A couple of months ago, Vagner and I were brainstorming our anniversary trip. (We got married at the end of January, which is miserable weather in like 90% of places, so we celebrate in December.) I said I’d always wanted to visit Charleston, and he suggested stopping in Savannah on the drive up. Just like that, one of our most fun trips ever was born. We spent Friday and Saturday morning in Savannah and then drove two hours to spend the rest of the weekend in Charleston.

Savannah Lodging

STAY AT…THE PLANTERS INN: If you’re looking for a sleek hotel, this isn’t the place to choose. For something historic and charming, though, I don’t think we could’ve done better. It’s walking distance from pretty much everything we wanted to do and located next door to the Olde Pink House, which was our favorite meal of the entire trip. Best of all, it was about $150 nightly, which was about what I wanted to spend. Prepare to take many mirror selfies in the lobby if you’re anything like me.

Savannah Food

HAVE LUNCH AT…OLDE PINK HOUSE: People say this is the best restaurant in Savannah, and it was easily one of the most delicious restaurant meals I’ve had in a long time. We had to make a lunch reservation ahead of time, and it was filling enough that we skipped dinner plans. Everything was delicious, but the key lime pie was superb. Our waitress was also incredible (I can’t remember her name, but I think it was Nikki!)

SNACK AT…THE PARIS MARKET: I originally wanted to go to the Collins Quarter for brunch, but I woke up not in the mood for a full meal. Instead, I got a few macarons and a homemade pop tart from The Paris Market. I’m seriously getting hungry just thinking about how good their pastries are.

Savannah Drinks

CAFFEINATE AT…THE COFFEE FOX: This place came highly recommended, and it’s not hard to see why after visiting. The shop’s decor is eclectic in the best way, and the horchata latte is easily the best I’ve had.

GET TIPSY AT…ALLEYCAT: We went to a cocktail bar with great reviews during our night in Savannah, but it ended up being a snooze. I found Alleycat on Yelp, and I can’t rave about it enough. The charcuterie board comes with fresh, hot bread and is the perfect appetizer.

OTHER NOTES: I had grand plans to explore the city, but we were so tired that we both took naps instead of sightseeing. The nightlife in Savannah was so fun when we went out for drinks, too. Also, the city has relaxed open container laws, which means you’ll see people drinking on the street.

Charleston Lodging

STAY AT…THE RESTORATION HOTEL: The Restoration Hotel was one of the best hotels we’ve stayed in together, which is impressive considering its affordability. There’s a rooftop bar that we ate at twice with breathtaking views of the city. They offer free cheese and wine every evening, and Rise Coffee Bar is the perfect place to grab a quick latte. Additionally, it’s centrally located, so we walked almost everywhere. One note: Valet parking is $34 nightly, which felt kind of steep.

Charleston Food & Drink

DESSERT AT…CARMELLA’S: Candidly, I don’t know that this place quite lived up to all the hype. We waited in line for 25 minutes, and it was cramped enough that I felt claustrophobic (granted, it was a Saturday night). The carrot cake was pretty incredible, though, so I’d visit again if it weren’t too hectic.

GET SOME BBQ AT…LEWIS: Vagner’s only meal request was an amazing barbecue meal, and Lewis delivered. We got the brisket and ribs, and the meat was incredible. I wasn’t a huge fan of their mac n’ cheese because I prefer mine crispy, but the food was excellent overall.

BREAKFAST AT…VICIOUS BISCUIT: We debated between Vicious Biscuit and Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, but Vicious’s ample seating won us over. I got the plain biscuits and gravy, and it filled me up enough that I didn’t eat until dinner. Also, The Greyhound (grapefruit juice, vodka, lime juice, and rosemary-infused simple syrup) is the perfect breakfast cocktail.

ORDER THE CHICKEN SANDWICH AT…LEON’S OYSTER SHOP: I was hesitant to go to Leon’s because they don’t take reservations, but we were seated immediately. Vagner got the oysters, and I got the fried chicken sandwich — the food was good. The portions were slightly smaller than I expected but still very filling.

OTHER NOTES: Savannah felt sleepier than Charleston and, by extent, was a bit easier to navigate. Everything we wanted to do in Savannah was within a 10-minute walk of our hotel, but we had to drive around Charleston. Still, Charleston is so beautiful and full of culture that it ended up being my favorite of the two.

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