Tory Burch Miller Dupes (& Ways To Save!)

tory burch sandals dupe and ways to save money on tory burch millers

When I first saw Tory Burch Miller sandals in person and glanced at the price, my reaction was, “I’m good, luv — enjoy.” (Bonus points if you get the meme I’m referencing.) I didn’t understand why a pair of sandals cost so much money, so I bought a cheaper pair of shoes and kept it moving. Little did I know that I’d eventually fall in love with Miller Sandals and become obsessed with Tory Burch Miller dupes. If you’re wondering, “When do Tory Burch sandals go on sale?” or “How do I find Tory Burch Miller dupes?”, I GOTCHU. I want to share my tips and tricks for getting a good deal!

Even when I’m not buying Tory Burch Miller sandals, I feel victorious when I find them at great prices because I get to pass along the savings to you lovely folks! I do want to note that I now think they’re completely worth the price tag because of their durability and comfort, but I know that $200 for shoes isn’t always doable. These are my favorite ways to save money on Tory Burch Miller shoes. (The Tory Burch Miller dupes linked at the bottom of this post are currently sold out, so I linked another similar pair until they restock!)

1. Buy Secondhand

Look, I’m weird about feet, and I used to love it when stores would have those weird pantyhose socks to make sure you could try on shoes in a semi-sanitary way. I understand that the thought of buying shoes secondhand may gross you out, but some of the deals on Poshmark for barely used sandals are unreal. We’re talkin’ a fraction of the price, and you can easily get a pair for under $100. Check it out for yourself.

2. Check The Right Websites

Finding a deal on Tory Burch Miller sandals is partly being in the right place at the right time. I’ve bookmarked the Google shopping page for Tory Burch Millers and try to check it regularly because it tracks price drops. Websites like Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and FARFETCH routinely drop the prices on Miller sandals, even the colors that never go on sale. I was able to help one of my friends get a pair of black sandals for only $115 with shipping, which only happened because I stalk these sites!

3. Stray From Neutrals

One of the most popular Miller colors is the vachetta leather, which is that gorgeous brown, leathery color you see on everyone. It’s honestly my favorite pair, but if you want to save money, one of your best bets is opting for some funky colors! Patterened and neon sandals may feel incredibly scary, but they’re always on sale, even on the Tory Burch website. These super fun Miller sandals are usually on sale for $139, which is a decent discount!

4. Visit Tory Burch Outlet Stores

Outlet malls are usually hit or miss, but Tory Burch outlet stores consistently have fantastic deals. Even if Miller sandals aren’t on sale, you’ll have the ability to pay way less for similar styles and even snag a purse for a fraction of the usual price.

5. Make Nordstrom Your Best Friend

I know we already talked about checking department store and boutique websites, but I have to emphasize the value of Nordstrom (in-store and online) and Nordstrom Rack. The brand is always hooking me up with sales, and I love checking my Nordstrom Rack to look for Millers. They aren’t always on sale and it’s a bit of a treasure hunt, but the adrenaline rush you’ll feel when you do find them is unreal. And Nordstrom will randomly have 1- or 2-day sales with 25% off all Miller sandals, which lets you spend closer to $160 with tax.

Even with these tips, I totally understand that people may not be keen about spending so much on sandals, which is why I’m thrilled to share the perfect dupe for Tory Burch Miller sandals!

These Tory Burch Miller dupes are from Rack Room Shoes, and I’m obsessed with them! For 1/4 of the price, you get a very similar style to the Millers. (UPDATED: These shoes are sold out, but Sam Edelman makes cutout slides that I love! These aren’t direct dupes like the Rack Room pair but definitely worth checking out.) I had SO much fun writing this post and want to do more discount posts, so feel free to drop suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Debbie wrote:

    My love for Tory Burch Miller sandals started out like yours. I thought the price was very outrageous. I bought my first pair on sale and was in love. I’m sad that I missed out on so many great colors such as clay pink, aqua etc. I continue to watch for any of these colors to pop up on sites such as E-Bay and Poshmark. I’m shocked at how well these sandals do on the resell

    Posted 10.4.18 Reply