5 Ways To Stay Energized That Don’t Involve Caffeine

One thing you’ll learn about me after a brief conversation is that I am always tired. I know that doesn’t make me special –– aren’t we all always tired? –- but I’ve had sleep problems for almost five years, and I take a prescription sleep aid to help me sleep through the night. Unfortunately, the medication leaves me feeling hungover, so it’s not exactly ideal. I try to “catch up” on sleep on the weekends, but obviously, that doesn’t always work!

I am dependent on caffeine to a level that’s probably unhealthy, so I’ve tried to find creative ways to limit my intake and feel better naturally since I’m usually pretty upbeat. I don’t want to always depend on a shot of espresso to get going in the morning, mainly because we’ll eventually want to try for kids and I know I’ll want to drink less coffee as a result. I can’t promise that these are just as effective as caffeine or an energy drink, but they’ll leave you feeling better.

What are your favorite ways to stay energized? The more tips, the better! xo 



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