7 Family & Lifestyle Tampa Photographers That I Love

I’ve always loved photography, but since I started blogging, I’ve gained a new appreciation. Sharing beautiful images has made it easier for me to land brand deals, and it’s also given me a really special creative outlet — enough so that I’m now taking pictures professionally myself. People are always asking me for photographer recommendations, so I wanted to share them here. For the sake of brevity, I limited this list to the talented Tampa photographers I’ve worked with directly. There are dozens I follow who I didn’t include in this list. I wanted to share creatives I’ve hired myself, but I will probably do a general roundup soon. In the meantime, here are a few folks I can recommend firsthand. In no particular order…

7 Family & Lifestyle Tampa Photographers That I Love

1. Photos With Jill

a photo of a couple taken by Photos with Jill one of Tampa Photographers

Jill is worth every penny she charges and then some. She made me feel like a queen during my maternity shoot, so we returned to her for Nora’s newborn shoot and for our holiday pictures. She does an incredible job with lighting and composition, and I love her wedding style as well. FIND HER HERE.

2. Sea Rose Creative Works

a photo of a woman working in an office taken by Sea Rose Creative Works one of the Tampa photographers

I love Katelyn’s fun style, and she’s one of the sweetest photographers I’ve ever shot with. We worked together for a couple months to create content for my blog and Instagram, and it was a delightful experience. I recommend her to anyone looking for branding pictures that are polished but don’t feel stuffy. FIND HER HERE.

3. The Studio Magnolia

portrait of a woman taken outdoors by The Studio Magnolia one Tampa photographers

Last year, I planned a shoot around a few pink dresses I wanted an excuse to wear. Sara’s style is perfect for the soft, feminine vibe I was going for. I love working with photographers who have experience with blogging because it just makes the whole process that much more seamless. FIND HER HERE.

4. Presley Webb Photos

portrait of a couple by Presley Webb Photos one Tampa photographers

I’ve always wanted to do a wedding anniversary photoshoot and finally planned it out earlier this year. I found Presley on Instagram and loved her style, and I feel like she did such a good job of capturing our love with romantic pictures. She gave us black-and-white edits as well, which I loved! FIND HER HERE.

5. Sandra Morlet Photography

I hired Sandra to capture pictures for our first pregnancy announcement, and I’m so glad I did. In the moment, I just wanted Instagram-worthy pregnancy pictures. I had no way of knowing that these would be some of my only pictures from that pregnancy, and I treasure these so much. FIND HER HERE.

6. Stephanie Lanni Photography

I shoot most of my brand partnerships myself, but I had the chance to work with Stephanie for an activewear deal and am so glad I did. I love her editing style and she’s so much fun to shoot with — these are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken during a partnership. FIND HER HERE.

7. Faith Danielle Photography

portrait of a women taken by Faith Danielle Photography

My photoshoot with Faith is one of my favorites I’ve done since I started blogging. I was nervous leading up to it, but I look happy and carefree in all of the images she delivered. She’s a total pro, and I love following her photography account on Instagram. FIND HER HERE.


I couldn’t write a Tampa photographers roundup without including myself! I capture couples, family, and branding imagery and have so much fun while doing it. I’ve included some examples from recent shoots below.

If you’re interested in working together, please shoot me an email at ayana@lagecreative.co or FIND ME HERE!

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