9 Nuuly Plus Size Dresses I’m Completely Obsessed With

I wrote my plus-size clothing rental review last year and figured it was time for an update. In that post, I shared some of my concerns about Nuuly, Anthropologie’s rental service. One of my biggest struggles was finding Nuuly plus-size dresses available when I needed them. I can definitely say I’ve seen improvements since last summer’s blog post.

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9 Nuuly Plus Size Dresses I’m Completely Obsessed With

Nuuly Plus Size Explained

Nuuly has only been around for three years, but it’s already made a significant splash on the rental market. For $88 a month, you can borrow any six items from hundreds of brands. (Get $10 off your first month here.) I usually stick to dresses, but they also have rompers, jumpsuits, shirts, blazers, pants, shorts, skirts, and more. The company boasts a size chart up to 34W/5X, but fewer items are available in extended sizing.

I’ve been a subscriber on and off for over a year. The biggest drawback is that there aren’t any swaps. Unlike other rental companies where you can exchange an item that doesn’t fit, Nuuly doesn’t allow any switches. It’s a good idea to take your measurements before ordering, but you might have some misses even then. My subscription is paused because I’m waiting for them to add new plus styles.

I thought it’d be fun to look at my rental history and share nine dresses I loved wearing. Sizing is all over the place, so I’ll do my best to include fit notes. I’m 5’2″ and usually a size 16 in women’s clothing — sometimes an 18 if an item runs small. My UK bra size is 40GG.

Bhanuni by Jyoti Beaded V-Neck Maxi Dress

Beaded V-Neck Maxi Dress Bhanuni by Jyoti

Size: 18W

Fit Notes: I sized up in this one because I worried it’d be tight across the chest, and the 18 was the right call. It isn’t super low cut but shows some cleavage when sitting down.

Overall Thoughts: This is the only item I’ve purchased from Nuuly. I got so many compliments the first day I wore it that I knew it was a must-buy. My biggest gripe is that it’s dry-clean only.

Anthropologie Floral Mini Shirtdress

Anthropologie Floral Mini Dress neutral motif

Size: 1X

Fit Notes: I appreciate that Anthropologie is usually consistent in its sizing. I can wear an XL but prefer the fit of the 1X. This dress is super comfortable, and I didn’t have any gaping issues with the buttons.

Overall Thoughts: I wouldn’t buy this at retail, but it was fun to wear it for a few weeks, which is the beauty of renting. Once you know your Anthro size, it’s easy to pick things from the brand.

Free People My Time Shirtdress

Free People My Time Shirtdress

Size: XL

Fit Notes: Free People’s size range is pretty limited, but many of the shirt dresses run big. I’m an XL in looser fit clothing from the brand and haven’t tried anything more formfitting. This dress also runs pretty short. If you’re tall, this may be difficult to wear.

Final Thoughts: I didn’t love it enough to buy it, but it was perfect for a photoshoot. I love the stitching that goes up and down the collar and buttons.

SPELL Sway Together Maxi Dress

SPELL Sway Together Maxi Dress

Size: XXL

Fit Notes: This dress was slightly small for me, but it was too gorgeous for me to not wear on vacation. Vagner helped me zip up, and we stepped outside our hotel to take a picture. I immediately went inside to change into something comfortable! I’m unsure of this brand’s size range, but I’d definitely get the next size if I ordered again.

Final Thoughts: I was only outside taking pictures for 10 minutes and getting compliments from strangers. This one is definitely a show-stopper.

Farm Rio Floral Maxi Dress

Farm Rio Floral Maxi Dress

Size: XL

Fit Notes: I love Farm Rio’s more colorful, vibrant styles, but the ruching typically hits in a weird place. This is the only dress I’ve tried from them that has worked. It was the perfect length, a win for all of us short folks.

Final Thoughts: I definitely wouldn’t buy this dress for its retail price ($248!), but it was ideal for a friend’s wedding. It had ample room in the bust, which is rare for me.

Maeve Alisa Burnout Velvet Tee Dress

Alisa Burnout Velvet Tee Dress

Size: 16P

Fit Notes: This dress is a little clingier than the things I usually rent, but I loved how it looked on me. I typically opt for regular sizing, but the petite size was the perfect length. I wore it to dinner and drinks when we visited Charleston for our anniversary trip.

Final Thoughts: If you’re like me and typically wary of styles that hug your body, you must try this one! I debated keeping it and am honestly sad that I sent it back.

Selkie Princess Cut Mini Dress

Selkie Princess Cut Mini Dress from nuuly plus size

Size: 3X

Fit Notes: Selkie runs so small, y’all. After reading reviews, I decided to get a 3X (I almost always wear an XL, XXL, or 1X in lettered sizing). It was a little loose up top but fit everywhere else.

Final Thoughts: All of the cool Insta gals rave about this brand, and I don’t regret trying it — super fun for Christmas Eve. Just know that you should size up (and that Selkie goes pretty fast on Nuuly).

C/meo Collective Prophetic Button Front Dress

Cmeo Collective Prophetic Button Front Dress from nuuly plus size

Size: XL

Fit Notes:The XL in this dress was fine, but I was annoyed because it has boob seams (I don’t know the technical term!) that cut across my chest. I don’t think it’s super noticeable unless you compare it to the model picture, but it definitely stuck out to me.

Final Thoughts: You know how Lizzo sings “it’s bad b*tch o’ clock” in her new song? This is exactly how I felt in this dress. It’s way different from what I usually wear (and, as you can see in the picture, wrinkles quickly even after steaming) but it’s still one of my favorite pieces.

Maeve Puff-Sleeved Midi Dress

Maeve Puff-Sleeved Midi Dress from nuuly plus size

Size: 16W

Fit Notes: This runs true to size if a little large. It was a little long, but I’m used to that. I did have some trouble with the buttons staying closed, but that’s typical for me with button-down items.

Final Thoughts: I wanted a dress that I could wear at church or family events, and this hit the mark. You could definitely unbutton the bottom if you wanted a more fun, flirty look.

I’m running out of time to share all of the Nuuly plus-size items I’ve loved, but this is a great start. Remember, you can get $10 off your first month through my referral link!

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