Hello, friend!

XO, Ayana began in November 2017, and I launched it on a whim. I found myself with a lot of free time due to a job change and wanted to start a project that would keep me busy but also feel fulfilling. Little did I know that this website would grow as quickly as it did!

I’m 25 years old and reside in Tampa, Florida with my sweet husband Vagner. He’s also my photographer, so he gets a lot of credit for the pictures you see on Instagram and on my website. We met in the 10th grade, and he balances me out. You can read about our first date horror story here if you’d like.

We shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens. I edit all of my pictures in Adobe Lightroom, and I’ve written about how I come up with poses and how I edit my photos.

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