5 Baby Products I Cannot Live Without

I bought a lot of things before Nora arrived, but I’ve been surprised at what I find myself reaching for and what I ignore. These are a few of the products in my “must-have” baby category after more than three months with Nora Evie.

Top 5 Amazon Baby Registry Must-Haves

How I Chose My Baby Registry Must-Haves for 2020

I chose my baby registry gifts by doing a lot of research. I checked Google for baby registry recommendations, and I also asked my mom friends for their favorite products. It was important to me that I include products that were a range of prices to make sure that there were affordable options. I also read reviews online to help me pick items for my baby registry.   

How Many Gifts Should You Put on Your Baby Registry?

We were torn on how many gifts to ask for, but I realized it all depends on how many people you have coming to your baby shower. We put around 80 items on our registry, and we invited around 50 people to our shower. Even if you don’t have a large baby shower, you can still add dozens of gifts to a registry and use your registry as a checklist for you as you shop. 

1. A Moses Basket

Top 5 Amazon Baby Registry Must-Haves

It may not be practical, but this is, by far, the cutest purchase we made for Nora. There’s something about a baby in a basket that makes for an irresistibly cute picture, and posing her with stuffed animals and blankets made it even more fun.

2. A Smart Baby Monitor

A Smart Baby Monitor | Top 5 Amazon Baby Registry Must-HavesCubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

We made the decision pretty early on that we wanted Nora in her own room — no judgment to anyone who room shares, it just wasn’t the right option for us. Enter Cubo Ai Baby Monitor — we started using it when Nora was about eight weeks old and switched from the Owlet Baby Monitor. The Cubo app offered more features than the Owlet and also gives us notifications whenever she cries in her crib. We love it because we can play lullabies in her room directly from the app and the monitor alerts us if her face is covered during the night. 

If you’d like to try Cubo, you can take an extra discount off the sales price using my code CUBOAYANA.

3. The mamaRoo


We were skeptics, but this is Nora’s favorite place in the entire house. When I’m cooking dinner or cleaning the house, I put her in this seat and she just hangs out. I know that not every baby loves the rocking features, but our girl is definitely a huge fan. When she outgrows it, we’ll be keeping the mamaRoo in storage for any future babies.

4. Assorted Baby Wraps

I assumed we’d only need one ring sling and then we’d be good to go, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Solly Wrap and Konny Wrap are my two favorites for carrying Nora around the house, and I’ll likely use both wraps in public once we’re able to go to church and social outings again.

5. Sleep Sacks

baby Sleep Sacks
Top 5 Amazon Baby Registry Must-Haves

We had to stop swaddling when Nora was a week old because she was attempting to roll (we stan an advanced baby!). The Halo Sleep Sack became a lifesaver, and she still wears it every night.

What are your baby musts? Did anything from my list make it on yours?

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