Best Clip-On Earrings: Why I Can’t Stop Talking About Lisi Lerch

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced. When I turned 18, it was one of the first things I did — a minor act of rebellion that would finally allow me to wear cute earrings. The only problem is that I went to a mall kiosk, and my ears never healed. I tried to get them pierced two more times over the years but finally gave up. After that, I started my search for the best clip-on earrings. I quickly learned that many fake earrings hurt way more than my ear piercing, including the pain of infected ears. With some pairs, my lobes would be throbbing after an hour. I gave up the search and figured I’d eventually find what I wanted.

I stumbled upon Lisi Lerch on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their jewelry. They happened to reach out and offered to gift me a few pairs, and I agreed. Years later, I cannot recommend the brand enough. (I received some products for free several years ago with no posting expectations and am writing this post because I love them so much.) The most important thing for me is that they don’t hurt, and I can wear them all day without a problem.

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Best Clip-On Earrings

If you’re reading because you’re looking for the best clip-on earrings, it’s time to dive right in. Some of my favorite Lisi Lerch earrings have been discontinued or are out of stock because I’ve had them for years. But don’t worry, I’ll link to other favorites and pairs I haven’t tried but love! I’ll also share more about the brand and why I love them so much.

What Is Lisi Lerch?

Founded in 2001, Lisi Lerch is a jewelry brand founded by — you guessed it! — Lisi Lerch. The company initially started as a Kentucky Derby hat brand, and then Lisi decided to try out jewelry making. From there, she saw success and eventually shifted the focus of her business to jewelry. The brand is now hugely popular and sells apparel, handbags, and jewelry.

How Much Do Lisi Lerch Earrings Cost?

One of the reasons I consider these the best clip-on earrings is that they’re seriously affordable. None of the pairs available on the site currently cost above $100. As I’ve shared before, buying high-quality jewelry that will last a while has been important to me lately. Despite the reasonable price point, these earrings are seriously durable. I have several pairs I’ve worn for years, and none have any signs of wear.

What Is The Return Policy?

One of the make-or-breaks for me when ordering online is the return policy. If you buy the earrings and decide you don’t love them, you have 30 days to return them. Note that you’ll have to pay to ship unless the product is defective, so I’d make sure you love a pair before buying! You can get a refund or store credit if you return within 30 days of purchasing.

What Are The Best Styles?

As I mentioned earlier, most of my favorite pairs aren’t available anymore, but I adore several clip-on options currently in stock.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Belle Bowes Rhinestone Earring

Natalie Earring in Black

Sloane Medium Earring in Gold

Ginger Metal Earring

Hopefully, this gives you a place to start when searching for the best clip-on earrings. Happy shopping!

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