Best Things To Do In Tampa Bay: Intermezzo, Bodega, Green Bench Brewing

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Welcome to my new favorite blog series! I get asked all the time about the best things to do in Tampa Bay. I'm happy to share my opinion, but I figured I'd crowdsource it and let my followers and friends share some of their favorite things to do in our incredible city. Interested in participating? Email me!

Gabrielle Calise is a digital reporter and social media producer at the Tampa Bay Times. She's based in St. Pete, where she can be found eating a pollo asado sandwich at Bodega at least once a week. Follow Gabrielle on Twitter.


Best restaurant in Tampa Bay?


Best bar in Tampa Bay?


Best coffee shop in Tampa Bay?

Black Crow (the Grand Central location!)

Best Instagram spot in Tampa Bay?

The Bends. Don't judge – yes it is a dive bar, but the lighting is so good.

If you're visiting Tampa Bay for a weekend, you HAVE to check out...

Green Bench Brewing, especially if there's a movie on the lawn or an Indie Flea market happening.

Best thing about living in Tampa Bay?

Being around so many good restaurants and colorful murals.

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