Best Things To Do in Tampa Bay: Soho Sushi, TeBella, Tampa Riverwalk

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Welcome to my new favorite blog series! I get asked all the time about the best things to do in Tampa Bay. I'm happy to share my opinion, but I figured I'd crowdsource it and let my followers and friends share some of their favorite things to do in our incredible city. Interested in participating? Email me!

My name is Gabby Piloto, and I’ve lived in Tampa my whole life. Tampa’s culture is engrained in me as my family on both sides, Italian and Cuban started their lives here rolling cigars in Ybor City. I love how it has continued to grow and change but still has always maintained it’s cultural charm. No matter where I go, Tampa always steals my heart. Follow Gabby on Instagram and YouTube

Best restaurant in Tampa Bay?

Osteria Natalina or Soho Sushi

Best bar in Tampa Bay?

EDGE Rooftop Cocktail Lounge

Best coffee shop in Tampa Bay?


Best Instagram spot in Tampa Bay?

Hyde Park Village or Ybor City

If you're visiting Tampa Bay for a weekend, you HAVE to check out...

The Tampa Riverwalk or Downtown St. Pete

Best thing about living in Tampa Bay?

How it feels like a big city and a small town at the same time!

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