Shoes Saturday: Three Shoe Brands I’m Obsessed With

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Shopping online is amazing for a million reasons, but one of my favorite reasons to shop online? The ability to browse. Vagner often gets impatient with me because I take so long in all of my favorite stores. When I’m shopping from the comfort of my house, I can scroll endlessly without anyone judging me. Praise.

I’ve taken this brief break from work as an opportunity to dive into a fashion sector I usually stay away from: shoes. I love buying clothes, but going into the shoe section of a store takes serious determination. Fear not, because you can actually fall in love with shoe shopping thanks to the ease of cyber shopping.

Today, I’m sharing some brands you should definitely check out on Amazon. They have a ton of options, and you may be surprised what you find! BTW, the links below are affiliate links, which means I’ll receive monetary compensation if you purchase.

Jack Rogers

Once I tried my first pair of Jacks, I was hooked. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they come in a million styles and colors. I’m having to stop myself from adding every available Jacks style to my cart.

Tory Burch

I’ve gotta be honest with you. When you’re ballin’ on a budget, Tory Burch isn’t exactly your first choice for shoes. Still, the deals on Amazon are worth a glance –– the shoes may be more affordable than you think.

Sam Edelman

I recently tried on my first pair of Sam Edelman boots, and I was completely shook. How did I go this long without knowing about these boots?! I don’t have much of a use for riding boots in Florida, but I still added some to my Christmas wishlist.


I was torn on Hunter boots when I first saw them, but once I tried a pair on, I was completely sold. Again, these aren’t the most realistic shoes for Florida weather, but I’m still tempted to buy them in every color.

I couldn’t get to all of my favorite brands in this post, but hopefully this is a start. What’s your favorite shoe brand? xo

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