Why I’m Trying To Wear Clothing That Isn’t “Flattering” This Summer

Y’all, some fun news: In case you didn’t see it on my Instagram, I’m collaborating with Lilly Pulitzer! Seriously, every blogger has a dream collab, and this is mine. Their team sent me this amazing romper, and I don’t want to take it off.

But two years ago, I would’ve cringed when I got it in the mail. Here’s why: I’ve always tried to hide my flaws and dress strategically, but ever since I realized that self-love was improving my fashion sense, I’ve avoided “flattering” clothing. I don’t mean that I’m dressing to look poorly, but I’m ignoring the traditional fashion rules about what is and isn’t flattering.

I’m short with a big chest and wide hips, and I haven’t even tried on most rompers because I’m afraid of a dressing room meltdown. This romper would’ve been my worst nightmare: You can see my cellulite, for goodness sakes!

But since most of us have cellulite and stretch marks, what’s the point of Photoshopping and FaceTiming our perceived flaws or hiding them under clothing?

There’s nothing wrong with dressing how you feel comfortable, but don’t let a magazine article or arbitrary rule stop you from being true to yourself. I’m going to wear this Lilly Pulitzer romper so much this summer that you’ll probably get tired of seeing it, and instead of zooming in on my waist or thighs in pictures,

I’ll be enjoying this hot Florida summer in clothing that feels good. It’s so cheesy, but a smile really is the best accessory you can wear!


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