Tezza Presets Review | 2018 Photo Editing Tips

 Tampa blogger Ayana Lage, a plus-sized fashion blogger, stands on a pool deck wearing a black-and-white bathing suit with a gray shirt. She is wearing sunglasses and a hat that says, “Do Not Disturb.” The photo is edited with Tezza Preset 01.

I have fond memories of the MySpace days when I edited all of my pictures with Windows Photo Editor — what a life, right? Now I spend a lot more time and money editing photos for my Instagram and blog, and I want to share my knowledge with y’all! It feels like every blogger has a preset pack these days and it’s super overwhelming to pick which one to try, which is why I’m sharing a Tezza presets review.

I absolutely love following Tezza (Tessa Barton) on Instagram, so once I saw her presets for sale, I was immediately tempted. It’s hard to pull the trigger on a $60 preset, but after seeing her photos, I was sold. If you’re looking for a free preset, Tezza isn’t the way to go — but if you want to get your money’s worth, continue reading. I haven’t really used the Tezza preset I love in my Instagram feed yet — anyone who follows me knows that my feed is very pink, while these filters are more orange + yellow + green-toned, but I still love Tezza presets and want to share my review.

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Before + After /// TZ 01 /// Tezza Presets Review

This is probably my favorite preset out of the ones I bought. I tested them out on a picture I didn’t share on social media because I’m way picky with my feed and over-analyze everything (working on it!), but after seeing how it turned out, I’m tempted to add it to my Instagram queue!

Original Picture

Taken during ideal conditions other than the weird shadows and my non-committal kissy face.

Picture With Tezza 01 Preset (No Other Adjustments)

I have so many friends who say they hate Lightroom presets because they don’t like how it looks when they apply the preset. I view a Lightroom preset the same way that I view any other tool — it’s rarely a perfect fit, and it’s normal to make adjustments as needed! This is what the photo looks like with the TZ01 preset applied with zero other adjustments.

Picture With Tezza 01 Preset (Adjusted To Match My Feed)

This is more like it! I adjusted the highlights, shadows, orange and green tones and I’m left with a picture that I’d be comfortable sharing in my feed! I’m able to test a more muted look without it feeling drastic. The editing process took less than five minutes from start to finish, which is the benefit of investing in a great Lightroom preset pack.

Before + After /// TZ 02 /// Tezza Presets Review

I had hopes after trying TZ 01, but TZ 02 simply wasn’t my favorite. I’ll share pictures below so you get an idea of what I mean, but if you’re looking for an effortless preset and you have a similar skin tone to me, this one may be more work than it’s worth.

Original Picture

 Tampa blogger Ayana Lage stands outside the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk hotel. She is wearing a romper from SheIn, black Tory Burch Miller Sandals and glasses from Forever 21. She is holding a cocktail and smiling.

Nothing too special — an outtake from an event I attended with Vagner.

Picture with Tezza 02 preset (no other adjustments)

If you’re screaming in horror, it’s fine. Know that even the best Lightroom presets will sometimes look really wonky on certain photos, which is why it’s important to know how to manually adjust settings after applying a preset. I didn’t let this picture affect my Tezza presets review because no preset looks perfect on every photo.

Picture with Tezza 02 preset (adjusted to match feed)

While this is much better than the previous image, it still isn’t ideal for me and my feed. I try to go for a light and airy vibe with smooth tones, and this doesn’t fit it. I think that the preset will likely work best on photos taken in natural light with a lot of blue/green tones. I hope you enjoyed my Tezza presets review! Do you have a favorite blogger preset? Let me know in the comments!

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