Solid Gold Pet Review: Why Luna Loves This Holistic Pet Food

When we first adopted Luna, we knew nothing about her. It’s a familiar story if you’ve adopted your own dog from a shelter — other than her name (FiFi) and age (8 years old), they couldn’t tell us anything.

Because of this, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into products designed to help Luna in her senior years and better her health all around, because we’ve had our fair share of vet visits for health problems since we got her.

Baby Girl Lage’s Boho + Neutral Nursery Reveal

Long time, no talk! I’ve averaged one blog post a month this pregnancy, which is slightly embarrassing. I’m back for a great reason, though — sharing our little one’s nursery with the world. When we first toured our home, I immediately pointed at the spare room and told Vagner, “This is the baby’s room.” Nearly two years later, it’s coming to fruition, and I couldn’t be happier.

Why the “hustle” work mentality is BS

By Elizabeth Katona If you don’t hustle, you’ll never make it. Multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and corporate executives often preach that you won’t get anywhere unless you “hustle.” Whether this means you…