Rent The Runway Unlimited Review: Is It Worth The Money?

I’ve gotta be real with you: I love shopping, but I don’t even know that I love shopping. I just love surprises. My short-term memory is pretty crappy, so I usually forget what I’ve ordered once I’ve clicked “confirm.” Anyway, getting new clothing delivered to me — or picking it out in-store — is always exciting. When I launched my blog, I was seriously stressing about how I was going to create content when I didn’t have a ton of clothing.

I realized that it was impossible to wear a different outfit every day of the week — if not financially, it’s also pretty unsustainable environmentally! Back in April, I started to get invited to influencer events and I was seriously panicking. I had no idea how I would wear something different to all of these functions. It sounds so silly and vapid, but when you’re being photographed at events, you want to make sure you aren’t wearing the same dress to all of them. I was also in the process of moving, so most of my clothes were in a storage unit. 

Get The Scoop On The Lilly Pulitzer + Goop Collab

I know I should apologize for the terrible rhyming at the top of this post, but if there’s ever a time to get punny, it’s when we’re talking about Lilly Pulitzer. One of the reasons I love the brand so much is because every pattern name is a pun, and it’s all so clever!

Anyway, let’s get right to it since I know you didn’t come here for my dazzling sense of humor. Lilly Pulitzer has announced another collaboration just weeks after the Lilly Pulitzer x Swell launch (and only a few months after a fabulous partnership with Pottery Barn). Now, they’re teaming up with wellness brand GOOP to bring even more crossover goodness to our shopping carts.

When Is The Lilly Sale? Learn More About The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking about Christmas. If you’re not a Lilly Pulitzer fan, you probably aren’t familiar with the After Party Sale. Unlike most brands, Lilly doesn’t have a sale section on its website. Instead, they have a sale every summer and winter that is complete madness but also so much fun! It’s filled with surprises and requires you to be pretty laid back … or else you’ll probably be anxious the whole time. When is Lilly Pulitzer’s Summer 2018 After Party Sale? No one is sure because it’s always a surprise, but we can guess based on past After Party Sale dates.

Memorial Day Sales You Don’t Want To Miss

Hi, loves! I’ve had the busiest weekend ever — yesterday was my sisters’ birthday, so we spent the night at Universal Studios! They turned 21, and it was so much fun celebrating them. I seriously can’t believe they’ve grown up so much! I also had an interview with Discovery ID for a true crime show releasing next year, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all once I have more info. Lastly, Vagner’s best friend is getting married this weekend, so we’ll be partying all weekend long. Of course, Memorial Day means that it’s a holiday weekend, so there are a ton of sales you don’t want to miss. Here are some of my favorites.

Why I’m Trying To Wear Clothing That Isn’t “Flattering” This Summer

Y’all, some fun news: In case you didn’t see it on my Instagram, I’m collaborating with Lilly Pulitzer! Seriously, every blogger has a dream collab, and this is mine. Their team sent me this amazing romper, and I don’t want to take it off.

But two years ago, I would’ve cringed when I got it in the mail. Here’s why: I’ve always tried to hide my flaws and dress strategically, but ever since I realized that self-love was improving my fashion sense, I’ve avoided “flattering” clothing. I don’t mean that I’m dressing to look poorly, but I’m ignoring the traditional fashion rules about what is and isn’t flattering.

Self-Love Improved My Fashion Sense — Here’s How

Happy Tuesday, y’all! It’s been such a busy two weeks, and I’m finally taking a bit of a break. I spent today at Starbucks (work from home perks) and on the couch. It was actually a relief to not do anything after work, since we’ve spent so much time catching up with old friends now that we’re back in town. One of the fun things that happened during these busy weeks was a photoshoot with Emily Staubus, an INCREDIBLE photographer who I went to college with! She’s a photographer by night and engineer by day, which is honestly like Hannah Montana but a million times cooler.