My Chore Routine: Saving Time On Cleaning With Bona

This post is sponsored by Bona, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

How do you know you’re getting old? You look forward to weekend cleaning. When I was a teenager, I groaned when my mom told me that it was time to clean my room and bathroom — but now that I’m an adult, I can’t stand having a messy house. We bought our house last year, and having so much more space to clean has been a little overwhelming.

When Bona asked me if I wanted to sample a few Bona floor cleaning solutions, I was pumped. Earlier this year, we got rid of the carpet in our bedroom and Vagner’s office and replaced it with laminate. Cleaning the floors can take a long time, so I’m always looking to save a few minutes. We’ve been cleaning our floors more frequently ever since we adopted Luna, too — thankfully, she doesn’t shed, but if there’s anything on the floor — including dirt! – she’s all up in it.

Bona sent me their Disposable Dry Dusting PadsDisposable Wet Cleaning Pads and Premium Microfiber Mop. I tried out the dry dusting pads first, and I was impressed at how well it worked on our laminate floors — it’s the most effective cleaning tool we’ve tried so far on our floors. I followed up with the wet cleaning pads on the mop, and the floors dried super quickly. Overall, it was a lot faster than sweeping and mopping.

If you’re struggling to keep your house clean, I recommend doing a little bit each weekday. Spending 10 minutes a day wiping down counters, washing dishes, and sweeping up food makes your house feel much more bearable once the weekend runs around. Buying products like Bona floor cleaning solutions can also help you save a ton of time. Then you can focus on having fun instead of your chore list!

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