Cocopar Portable Monitor Review

I’ve never liked working on a desktop computer. I don’t know if you can relate, but I’m always on the move, and I love having my laptop to work from anywhere. But occasionally, my laptop screen just isn’t cutting it. I started to hunt for a monitor and found the Cocopar Portable Monitor on Amazon. I didn’t have many requirements when I started my search. I wanted a good-quality monitor but didn’t need it to wow me with its resolution. It needed to be portable and not take up too much space, and I wanted it to cost under $200. The Cocopar met all my qualifications, but I was wary of buying a monitor from a brand I’d never heard of. Thankfully, I gave it a try.

Cocopar Portable Monitor

I’ve been using this portable monitor for almost a year. I thought about writing a review when I first got it, but I decided to wait a few months to ensure I still liked it. Thankfully, it’s still a winner. I’ve recommended it countless times on Instagram, and I’m glad I finally have time to share my thoughts here. Get ready for the good and the bad!

Size & Specs

The monitor’s screen is 15.6 inches. It weighs 1.59 pounds, making it portable and easy to use while traveling. The maximum display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. My MacBook Pro screen is notably better, but that’s not surprising, given the price difference. It also has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, USB-C ports, and a mini HDMI port, and it is compatible with most laptops, PCs, the PlayStation 4, and Xbox devices.

Ease of Use

screenshot of Apple Displays menu with Cocopar portable monitor

Setting up the monitor took me less than five minutes. I plugged it in using its USB-C cable and clicked on my computer’s settings menu to finish the setup (if you have a Mac, go to Settings, then Displays). After that, I selected the Cocopar portable monitor as an extended display, and I was done.

It took me longer to figure out how to use the built-in stand with it, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to put in place. My one complaint about the monitor is that my stand occasionally falls, which can be annoying. Full disclosure that this could also be a user error on my part.


It’s been almost a year of frequent use, and I’ve had no problems with the monitor. It shows no wear or screen issues, which I’m happy for at the price. Finding a solid monitor under $200 proved more difficult than expected, especially because I’m wary of cheap electronics. This was a worthy investment on my part.

How To Use It

Netflix home screen on the Cocopar portable monitor

Everyone uses a second monitor differently, but I rely on mine for research and editing. It helps me avoid switching back and forth between tabs and makes my workflow easier. My job doesn’t require me to have many programs open — many days, I’m only working in Safari — so I don’t utilize the monitor daily. If you have a more intricate role, you’d definitely get even more use out of it than I do.

As pictured above, it’s also great for background noise. I don’t like working in silence, so I listen to music, play a television show, or watch the news. I have no complaints about the resolution when watching TV. It gets the job done even if it isn’t the most high-definition screen I’ve ever seen. I watched most of Designated Survivor — an incredible show, but I digress — on this monitor. Turn the brightness up using the dial on the monitor’s left side to maximize the quality.

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