Is Crochet Hair A Protective Style? A Guide to Crochet Twists

a woman smiles at the camera wearing a crochet hairstyle | A Guide To Crochet Hair It’s rare for me to change up my hair, and you’ll usually see me with natural curls or cornrows. Lately, I’ve been getting burnt out on haircare, and it’s led to me neglecting my hair. It’s hard to explain just how much work you have to put in to keep your hair healthy if you’re not someone with kinky hair (shoutout to all my 4C gals). A few months ago, I thought I’d just go back to straightening my hair — that’s how tired I was. Thankfully, I saw someone with crochet hair and decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how much I loved my crochet twists! If you’re considering a crochet style, I’m sharing a few things that you’ll find helpful.

A Guide To Crochet Hair 

You can get crochet braids, twists, curls, or even a straight style. If you’re taking care of it and buy good quality hair, you can expect them to last one to two months. Time to find out even more about crochet styles.

Is Crochet A Protective Style?

Crochet is definitely a protective style! For those of you who may not be familiar with Black hair, a protective style keeps your ends tucked and helps protect your hair. If you have natural hair, your stylist may recommend a protective style to essentially give your hair a break. Crochet offers protection, and my hair feels better than ever after taking out my crochet twists.

Can Crochet Braids Help Hair Growth?

Any protective style can help hair growth, including crochet hair. Because you’re not putting heat on your hair, styling it every day, or exposing it to natural elements like the sun and rain, your hair gets a break. While you can wear protective styles back-to-back, most of the stylists I’ve talked to recommend wearing your natural hair for a few weeks in between.

Crochet Hair Near Me

Finding a crochet stylist you like can be hard. Luckily for me, my aunt does hair and was able to help me with this style. But if you don’t know anyone who knows how to do crochet hair, StyleSeat is a fantastic resource. I’ve used it many times while looking for a stylist. You can easily book someone near you after reading reviews and looking at prices, so it’s streamlined. There is a $1 booking fee, but it’s well worth it.

How Much Does Crochet Hair Cost?

It depends on the stylist, your area, how much hair you have, and a few other factors. Using StyleSeat and checking for crochet hair stylists near Tampa, most run between $90 and $175 to install crochet braids, twists, or weave. You will likely have to buy your own hair, so it’s good to budget accordingly.

Products I Love For Crochet Styles

crochet hair products, including braid spray, a shower cap, a night cap, and hair ties

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything for your crochet hair, but there are products that can make it easier. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Firstly, we have a giant shower cap. I tried shoving my twists into a regular shower cap, and it didn’t work very well. This one is inexpensive and works even when you aren’t wearing crochet hair. It’s also way more sustainable than plastic shower caps, so I’m a fan.

Next up, braid and extensions spray. There’s a reason this product has all five-star reviews — it’s great. My mom actually gifted this to me, and I use it both on my natural hair and protective styles.

Thirdly, it’s time to buy some giant hair ties. When I first got my hair done, I tried to use multiple scrunchies and hair ties to keep my hair back at night, and it was pretty comical. I was using four or five hair ties at a time, and my hair looked wild. These are super cheap and have made it so much easier.

I’m guilty of neglecting my hair when I’m wearing crochet twists, but your scalp definitely still needs some love. I’ve used this hair treatment for years, and it stops me from getting flaky and dry. A little bit goes a long way.

Lastly, you’ll need the right bonnet for sleep to protect your edges. I also wear one during exercise to stop my hair from getting sweaty. You can fit a lot of hair in these, and I bought one for sleep and one for the gym.

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