Dagne Dover Diaper Bag Review: Why I Recommend It

collage of Dagne Dover Diaper Bag

Last year, I was gifted the Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack during a partnership. I pride myself in trying every product before I share it with an audience, especially for sponsorships. Sometimes, I get lucky and find a product that I can’t believe I didn’t know about before — and the Dagne Dover diaper bag is one of those times. I have partnered with the brand previously, but this blog post is my own opinion and isn’t part of any contractual obligation.

When Nora was first born, carrying around a diaper bag was pretty easy. We didn’t need much other than diapers, wipes, and formula. These days, leaving the house is a journey. Her diaper bag usually contains toys, snacks, coloring books, dolls, and a straw cup. It’s a lot of stuff! I didn’t have any complaints about our previous diaper bag (we were using the Fawn Design), but it was overflowing.

Dagne Dover Diaper Bag

The bag comes in three sizes and six colors. I chose the dune bag in large, because I didn’t want to risk another too-small diaper bag. I remain shocked at how much stuff it fits — when I’m traveling without Nora, I use it as a carry-on bag. The bag comes with a changing mat, laptop carrier, shoe bag, and dust bag. It also has a sleeve that makes it easy to put on a luggage handle.

The most impressive thing about the Dagne Dover diaper bag, in my opinion, is how much stuff it can hold. I joke that it reminds me of Mary Poppins’s purse. We’ve stuffed it full when traveling with Nora, and there’s always still room. At one point I had my iPad, Nora’s headphones, and her leftovers from a restaurant on top of all our usual stuff, and it was fine. I think you’ll be surprised at how much space there is.

I also love the design! It’s sleek enough that I don’t mind using it myself, which isn’t true of every diaper bag. Dagne Dover does a fantastic job with functional bags stylish enough that you want to carry them. I get compliments when I use it as a diaper bag and as a carry-on.

More Deets About Dagne Dover

Customer Service: There’s free U.S. shipping on orders above $75, which means that the diaper bag ships for free. There is a $10 handling fee for returns, and you must return within 30 days of shipment.

Cleaning: The diaper bag can be handwashed with water and a mild detergent, which is a huge plus in my book. A couple months after I got it, Nora spilled juice on her bag as toddlers do. We were able to clean it up very easily and there were no stains or smells.

Dimensions: The large Indi Diaper Bag is pretty hefty. The exact dimensions are 12.25” L x 6” W x 13.75” H, and it fits 17L. It can also fit laptops up to 15″ and most breast pumps (I didn’t breastfeed, so not of much relevant to me, but I know that I would’ve wanted a bag big enough for my pump if I had).

I received this bag as a gift but have recommended it to everyone and would gladly purchase another. Do you have any more questions? Let me know!

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  1. Alexa wrote:

    Did you spot clean it with cold water and mild soap or clean the whole thing? Mine got chocolate on the front the day I got it. I used a water wipe to wipe it off cause that’s all I had at the moment and now I’m left with a water spot. I tried using dawn dish soap and water to get it out and dry it with a hair dryer but now it just has a bigger water spot than I started with. I’m afraid to make it any worse!

    Posted 8.28.23 Reply
    • Ayana Lage wrote:

      I spot cleaned it with a paper towel and water. That’s so weird that a wipe left a spot — I’d definitely reach out to them to see what they say! In my experience they have great customer service

      Posted 8.30.23 Reply