Easy Spring Party Ideas With HoneyBaked Ham

popular florida blogger ayana lage stands holding a ham from honeybaked hamThank you to HoneyBaked Ham for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are my own.

It’s no secret that I’m not the best at preparing dinner. I usually put it this way: “I can cook, but I’d rather spend my time doing other things.” When I have people over for dinner, I usually rely on Vagner to make food or just get it catered, because who can say no to pizza? I’m trying to step up my game now that we’re getting older and our loved ones have higher expectations — so I’m excited to partner with HoneyBaked Ham to let y’all know all about the spring soiree we hosted this weekend at my aunt’s house!

honeybaked ham with text overlay that says, "The lazy gal's guide to a backyard spring soiree"

We stopped into our closest HoneyBaked Ham store less than five minutes from our house and picked up a whole boneless ham, potatoes au gratin, double cheddar mac and cheese, red velvet cake and cookies. (Note to self: Don’t go shopping while hungry.) We were able to heat everything up at my aunt’s house pretty quickly, although we could’ve given ourselves more time – everyone was hungry when we arrived, and it took about 45 minutes to get the food ready. All things considered, 45 minutes to feed 12 people isn’t bad at all! Just call me Rachel Ray.

potatoes au gratin honey baked ham mac and cheese honey baked ham flatlay shot of boneless ham, dinner rolls and sweet teasweet tea canister for easter and other spring party ideas spiral baked whole boneless ham from honey baked ham

We planned to eat on the patio, but those of you who know Florida well have experienced just how ruthless our mosquitoes are! It was getting dark, so we decided to keep the party indoors after all of the food was ready. HoneyBaked Ham helped us prepare the perfect dinner for the people we love, and it took way less time than it would’ve if we’d cooked from scratch. Have I mentioned that the food was super good, too? My 5-year-old cousin triumphantly yelled, “I actually like this ham!” after trying it, and he’s a notoriously picky eater.

chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies from honeybaked ham on a baking tray spring party ideas with honeybaked ham on a wood table

Dinner was a hit! If you’re unsure what to do for your next big shebang, check out HoneyBaked Ham. You can order online or in-store, and it makes it easy to impress your family and friends.

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