My Favorite Etsy Wall Art Prints

hanging etsy wall art prints

My Favorite Etsy Wall Art Prints

We bought our house a year and a half ago, and it’s been an adventure making it feel like ours. So, I was excited to move in that I did a lot of decorating up front. However, I’ve started to take my time with it since then. One of my favorite parts of decorating my home has been finding unique Etsy wall art prints, and I wanted to share the best Etsy shops I’ve found for prints.

I hope to one day become the person who collects art at estate sales and thrift stores, but for now — convenience trumps everything. I love finding art that fits my personality without leaving my house. For my office, I decided on prints from Lindsey Kay Collective. The prints were initially priced at $32.50 each for 11×14 inch prints, but you get a discount from the store if you buy three or more.

This is my favorite print from the online store — who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine?! I also bought a strawberry art print, a leopard illustration, and fun graphic art. I was impressed with the quality of the prints and how quickly they shipped. Once they arrived, I paired them with these 16×20 gold frames from Amazon.

Living Room Art Prints

hanging etsy wall art prints in a living room

If you’ve seen my post on creating the perfect gallery wall, you’ve already seen my living room artwork. One of the questions I often get is how I found pieces that fit together cohesively. This is where I let you in on my trick: buying Etsy wall art prints! The artwork came in a set as a digital download for only $6.50 from a shop called 7Art Prints. From there, I printed them via Seven Paper Prints and was thrilled with how great they looked. Lastly, I ordered frames in varying sizes on Amazon, and I was done!

Finding the right wall art can be daunting. I went back and forth on what would look best in my home, and it’s even harder when you can’t see a print in person before buying it. Honestly, Etsy is a great option for anyone looking for a unique wall prints that won’t break the bank.

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