Fall Starbucks Drink Idea: The Pumpkin Dirty Chai I Swear By

It’s a magical time of year! Even though it’s still hot in Florida, I love October. We have a tradition of visiting states with  changing leaves — we’ve gone to New York City and Seattle in previous years — but thanks to COVID, we’re staying put this season.

I’m still getting into a fall mood when I can, though. I’m buying spiced apple cider from Trader Joe’s, wearing flannel in Florida heat, and my go-to Starbucks order is what I like to call fall in a cup.

Seriously — it doesn’t get better than this.

Here’s my go-to fall drink at Starbucks:

  • Grande nonfat chai latte
  • Two pumps of pumpkin
  • One shot of espresso
  • Pumpkin pie topping

Possible substitutions:

  • Substitute nonfat milk for soy or almond milk
  • Get it without espresso (or with a double shot)
  • One pump of pumpkin if you prefer for your drink to be less sweet
  • Order with pumpkin cream cold foam

Enjoy! Let me know your favorite fall drink in the comments!

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  1. Ooo, I’m going to have to give this a try! I love just about anything pumpkin flavored during this time of the year. And chai lattes are my go-to drink year around. I bet the 2 combined are just heaven! Thanks for sharing!


    Posted 10.30.20 Reply