Our Monthly Grocery Budget Breakdown

grocery budget

Our Monthly Grocery Budget Breakdown

Grocery shopping has always been a bit of a chore for me. Hunting for a parking space, waiting in long lines, and loading and unloading the car are simply not my favorite things to do. I’m also always fretting over how much I spend on groceries because it often feels too much. Earlier this month, I shared an Instagram Reel breaking down our monthly spending and felt shocked at how many people were impressed with my grocery budget. I regularly feel like I don’t do a good job, but I learned that the average monthly grocery cost in Florida is $364.25 per person, which makes me think I’m doing better than I thought. I will share a few things that work for me regarding grocery shopping — I hope these tips are helpful!

Buy In Bulk

My Sam’s Club membership has helped me spend much less on groceries. I buy meat, household products, and snacks in bulk and save a ton of money. I didn’t realize how much more expensive it can get to purchase these things at a traditional grocery store until I directly compared prices. Sam’s also has free delivery on certain products as a membership perk, so you don’t even have to leave your house.

Consider Kroger Delivery

If Kroger Delivery is available in your area, you should try it. The prices are cheaper than the brick-and-mortar grocery stores near me, and it’s delivered right to your door. Shipping costs $9.95, but you can pay $59 for a yearlong membership and unlimited free shipping. After six delivery orders, you’ve made your money back.

Get Strategic About Meals

We typically plan our meals around one protein. One example: if we’re going to have beef enchiladas during the week, we’ll have chili on the weekend. This cuts down on our number of shopping trips and allows us to buy fewer ingredients when we go to the store. I also tend to pick simple meals to avoid buying a ton of different ingredients we’ll only use once.

What Works For Us

I recognize this is a privileged take, but I don’t force myself to stick to a grocery budget. We aim for $600 monthly (or $100-$150 a week) but don’t worry too much if I exceed my budget. I don’t coupon or shop sales as much as I should, but it all works out in the end. I hope this post was beneficial to you!

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