9 Items I Loved Having In My Hospital Bag (& What I Didn’t Use)

Hospital Bag Necessities

Today’s post is one that I’ve been brainstorming for a while because I was so obsessive about it during pregnancy. I knew Vagner would be discouraged from leaving due to COVID restrictions, so I wanted to make sure that my hospital bag had everything I needed. Due to me going into labor four weeks early, things didn’t exactly go to plan (like Vagner having to leave the hospital, run to Plato’s Closet, and buy stuff to wear because I went into labor on laundry day). Still, I did have my bag packed, so I’m excited to share a few hospital bag necessities and what could’ve stayed at home. I labored for about 30 hours before my doctor told me I needed a C-section, so I definitely put my hospital bag to use!

Hospital Bag Necessities

1. Pillows and Blankets

Hospital beds aren’t comfortable during the most pleasant circumstances, let alone labor. I’m so glad we had our own pillows and blankets. We didn’t sleep much in the hospital, but having our own linens made it a bit more enjoyable.

2. Laptop

My friends warned me that I might have downtime while in labor, and they were right. For the first 14ish hours of labor before my nurse midwife made the decision to induce me, the pain was only as bad as period cramps. I used my laptop to kill time while we hung out.

3. Boppy Pillow

No one tells you how exhausted you are after giving birth — and trying to nurse on no sleep when you’re in pain sucks. I didn’t breastfeed for very long, but I loved using a nursing pillow to give me a little bit of a break when I did.

4. Makeup Wipes

I felt gross pretty much the entire time I was in the hospital, so makeup wipes came in handy until I was able to properly wash my face.

5. Warm Outfits for Baby 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve already heard this story, but I packed cute rompers and summer outfits for Nora because I was due in August and didn’t know better. She was freezing cold! My family had to go shopping and dropped off footed pajamas and onesies at the hospital for us. I definitely learned my lesson.

6. Nursing Bras

I spent four days in the hospital, and there’s obviously no way to do laundry while you’re there. I asked my sister to drop off an extra nursing bra to the hospital because I didn’t want to be stuck in the same one the whole time.

7. Nice Shower Gel

That first shower after baby was heavenly, and I’m really glad I packed a nice shower gel in my hospital bag. I was bleeding, in pain and felt pretty crummy physically, so smelling good was a major plus.

8. UberEats gift card

This isn’t technically something you pack in your hospital bag, I know — but I promise you won’t regret it. My hospital’s food wasn’t great, and being able to enjoy a nice meal after giving birth is a plus. It definitely depends on whether your hospital is close to any restaurants, but it’s an idea to keep in mind!

9. Long Phone Chargers

I was stuck in bed for a lot of my time in the hospital, and there weren’t always outlets nearby. A mom friend recommended getting either a portable power bank or long iPhone chargers, and I’m super glad I did. Here’s the exact one we purchased — comes in a pack of two!

What I Didn’t Use

1. Snacks

Everyone told me to make sure I brought ample snacks, but we didn’t really eat any of what I packed. I’m not a huge snacker at home, so eating three meals a day was more than enough for me.

2. Portable Fan

I forgot to pack the fan I bought, and I was so excited to use a fan during labor that I contemplated sending Vagner home to get it. I found out that my hospital didn’t allow portable fans. So I lucked out when I forgot it! I didn’t end up overheating during labor, either. It was still great for pregnancy hot flashes, though.

3. Underwear

A few people told me postpartum underwear were an absolute must, so I brought granny panties to wear after birth. But the hospital provided disposable underwear, and they did the job just fine. Some other recs, though: The hospital pads sucked, and I immediately ordered my own to use at home and preferred them. I also ordered Frida disposable C-Section underwear and loved them on the painful days post-surgery.

4. Water Bottle

I actually forgot mine in the car, but the hospital ended up providing both me and Vagner with refillable water bottles! If you aren’t sure whether your hospital has water bottles, definitely bring your own, but I didn’t end up needing mine.

5. Shower Shoes

Call me gross, but I didn’t mind being barefoot in the hospital shower. I figured that they clean them regularly, so it was fine.

I hope you found this round-up a little bit helpful — feel free to leave your own suggestion in the comments!

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