How To Ship A Package From Home Without Stress

Hi, friends! This blog post may seem a bit out of left field, especially if you’ve been following for a while, but it’s actually one I’m super excited to write! You knew that I loved buying clothes (duh), but I also sell a ton, too! Sometimes, I grab something off of a sales rack and sell it to pass along the deal and gain some good karma. Other times, I go through my closet and purge anything that I haven’t worn. (Selling my unwanted clothing has made my closet so much cleaner + it helped me fund my Louis Vuitton goodies!)

But something that isn’t as easy as it seems is shipping packages! I know, you may be looking at me sideways — all that you have to do is go to the post office with a person’s address, right? That’s technically true, but you can save money and the hassle of a long line by investing in a few products, all available on Amazon! If you sell and ship a lot of stuff, it’s worth it.

I had no idea you could even ship through PayPal until I’d been in buy/sell/trade Facebook groups for months. No one ever mentioned it, so I would buy boxes from Wal-Mart, wrap clothing in tissue paper, and send it off. Little did I know that the tissue paper can bleed if it gets wet and boxes can easily be broken. This is the shipping guide I wish I’d had when I first started BST, so I hope it helps you!

The Products

So here’s all that you need: Ziploc bags, poly mailers, and a food scale. You should also buy packing tape, and you’ll need a working printer as well. (You may already have these all at home, which is awesome.) I’m linking my faves below.

The Process

Once you have gallon-sized bags, a food scale and a poly mailer, all that’s left is a PayPal account! If you ship through PayPal, you’ll be able to drop packages off at the post office at any time of the day and avoid the messy lines.

it’s super simple (and they’ll prove their worth very quickly, so it’s worth the initial cost). Place your item of clothing in a gallon-sized bag, which will protect it from rain or water. Once you zip it up, put it in a poly mailer and seal it tightly. Next, weigh the whole package on the food scale, making sure you get the result in ounces.

Once you have that, all that’s left is getting your label! If you invoice through PayPal, you can print the shipping label after the customer pays. Otherwise, you can click here to manually enter their address.

Decide whether you want to ship priority or first-class (although first-class has a weight limit of 16 ounces), and put in your package weight! You can decide whether you want to add insurance or signature confirmation. For me, it depends on the value of the item and the customer’s preference if they’ve expressed one. After that, you just pay, print your label, tape it on, and ship it off!

It may seem like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, your customers will love it and you won’t have to dig for boxes or mailers. And it’s totally fine if you ship another way. This is just what’s worked for me!