How To Wear A Silk Hair Scarf

how to style a silk hair scarf

I didn’t discover the beauty of silk scarves until I went natural and stopped perming my hair. Then, they became my favorite way to control my sometimes unruly locks. Not only do they add a fun twist to your outfit, but adding a silk scarf can help you style frizzy or extra curly hair.

I wear a silk scarf or bonnet almost every night, and it’s done wonders for my hair and kept it protected while preventing breakage. If you want to wear hair scarves but unsure where to start, this post will give you some ideas that are easy to implement.

How To Wear A Silk Hair Scarf

I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to style a silk hair scarf, especially because I get stumped sometimes when I look at my closet. There’s nothing wrong with just tying a scarf around your head, but these ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

Bow Tie

free people oversized bow pony scarf

Bows aren’t just for gifts anymore. Adding a bow tie scarf to your hair, whether you wear it as a headband or in a ponytail, is a fashion statement that people will notice. If you want to add a bit of flair to any outfit, this is the way to go. Free People, $10.

Oversized Knot

classic slate flow head wrap the wrap life

The Wrap Life’s wraps are actually polyester, but I own three and can confidently say they have the same luxurious feel as silk hair scarves. I’m a huge fan of these because they’re designed for Black hair, and this knotted design is a fabulous option. The Wrap Life.


Bandana hair scarf free people

The bandana style is one of my favorite ways to style a silk scarf. All you have to do is tie a scarf into a triangle and wear it — and if you don’t want to wear a scarf around your head, this style also looks fabulous around your neck. Free People, $20.

Under Chin

silk scarf under chin

I haven’t been brave enough to wear a scarf under my chin, but looking at inspo pictures online has me ready to try it. This style makes me think of the 1960s or 1970s — total example of an effortlessly chic accessory that ties a look together. Pinterest.

Twist & Tie

Magnolia Hair Scarf Urban Outfitters

This is one of my go-to styles, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen me style my hair this way. This is so simple, and you can do it with a square or rectangular hair scarf. Just put it behind the nape of your neck and tie it at the front of your head — super simple. Amazon, $14.

Over The Head

Lotus Paisley Print Bandana

Over the head scarves are perfect for a trip to the beach or lounging outside. With part of your forehead protected from the sun, you’ll look fashionable while styling your hair. This one from Free People is going to be a staple in my closet this summer. Free People, $28.

Braided Scarf

Silk hair scarf braided

I don’t have the hair texture to try this style out, but I love it whenever I see it on other people. You can either wrap a scarf around a finished braid or braid a scarf into your hair. Amazon, $14.

Pre-Wrapped Turban

silk pretied head wrap

If you’re looking for a solution that will cover all of your hair while still being formal enough for dinner, this is the way to go. This head turban is pre-wrapped, so if you want something that won’t require much effort, this is a great option. Amazon, $14.

Scarf Bun

scarf wrapped around hair bun

Some days, you want to roll out of bed and throw your hair into a low bun, and when that happens, this hairstyle is here to save you. Put your hair in a bun and tie a small scarf in a bow around it. You’re ready to go! Pinterest.

Tied Around Head

silk head wrap

This style screams aviation to me, and I can’t explain it! Just makes me think about the old days when women dressed up to board flights. Even though that isn’t the case anymore, tying a scarf around your head still makes you look travel-ready. Etsy, $22.

Wrapped Around Hair

Satin Silk Large Square Plain Head Neck Scarf

As someone who has really thick hair, this option is one of my favorites. You can buy a pre-tied hair wrap, or get a silk scarf like this one from Etsy and tie it around your hair yourself. I tried to include as many curly girl-friendly options as I could, and this is one of my favorites. Free People, $20.

I hope this post helped you with all of your silk hair scarf questions! If you have any ideas that I should’ve included, drop them in the comments. Let me know if I missed anything, and I’ll add it to this post. Thanks again for reading! xx

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  1. Jem wrote:

    Please don’t take this the wrong way… I’m white, I often used to wear scarfs in my hair as its super long. It wasn’t until recently that a work colleague said that I was racist for wearing my hair like that, the same about white ppl getting all their hair in braids???? Is it racist???

    I would be mortified if after so long ppl would think that, just over a hairstyle

    Posted 3.13.22 Reply
    • Kalyani wrote:

      I am South Asian from India and I wear my silk scarf as a head gear. People need to take themselves lightly and just take a few things as pure fashion. If headscarf is primarily worn for African women, is it prohibited for any other part of the world to wear it? In my culture, we wear sprees. I don’t go around telling other people to stop wearing sarees.

      Posted 6.29.22 Reply