Ilia Skin Tint Review: My Honest Thoughts On The Serum

I’ve wanted to share this Ilia Skin Tint review for a couple weeks, and I’m pumped to finally post it. For background, I’ve been going back and forth on whether to order it for months. Ilia graciously gifted it to me, no-strings-attached, and I haven’t been able to shut up about it since. It’s changed my daily makeup routine. The above picture is an unedited before and after — I don’t have any other makeup on my face and didn’t even do my eyebrows! As you can see, the difference is very subtle, but it adds a nice glow.

Ilia Skin Tint Review

I heard of Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 via a Facebook ad, and I was intrigued. The serum offers sheer coverage and a dewy finish. At $48, it cost more than I’d usually spend on foundation, so I made a mental note to add it to my wishlist. When Ilia asked if I wanted to try it, I was so excited. First, I emailed their shade match team and received a reply within a couple hours. They recommended Honopu ST14.5, and it was a perfect match. I also got a multi-stick that I haven’t had a chance to try, but I’ll report back when I do.

My skin is fairly oily, so dewy products can be iffy for me. I’ve also got some dark spots and lines that I prefer to cover up, so sheer coverage isn’t usually my go-to. Still, I’m impressed with the Ilia skin tint. It goes on lighter than sunscreen and lasts all day, and it subtly improves the texture of my skin. I wouldn’t wear it to an event or photoshoot, but it’s great for everyday use. 

If I’m trying to build coverage, I’ll put MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus on top of it (seen above). This is a product that I’ll definitely be buying again, and I can’t believe it took me so long to try it. I will say that if I’d probably skip it if I really wanted to cover up acne and discoloration — my favorite full coverage foundation is from Fenty Beauty. But for the days that I just want a little extra glow, this is my new go-to.

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