Hello, friends! I’m so excited to finally start a massive project — cataloguing as many Lilly Pulitzer prints as I can! When I first became a Lilly Pulitzer fan, I’d legitimately spot a print in the mall or on a blogger and do my best to find it, and it would take hours! Thankfully, I’ve learned along the way, but if you’re new to Lilly, I want to make life easier for you. This project is a labor of love, which means that I’m not being paid for this — just sharing my knowledge with you, dear readers!

I will also be listing “Holy Grail” Lilly Pulitzer prints, which are the patterns that typically sell for more than retail. Everyone has different standards for what actually constitutes a holy grail print, but I’m going to catalogue what people generally agree are valuable prints. As Lilly has continued to release prints, it’s hard to know which new prints will become Holy Grail, but Lilly Pulitzer’s Prints With A Purpose typically become coveted and sell out quickly.

Because Lilly Pulitzer has been around for decades, I’m focusing only on “pink-label” patterns, which are called that because of their pink tags! These prints are modern and have been around since about 2007, although I’d love to create a vintage print catalogue. I’m not sure how long this project will take — I’m guessing months at a minimum — but it’s worth it if I get to help you learn more about Lilly Pulitzer and why it’s such a beloved brand!

Blue + Green Prints

I didn’t realize how much I loved Lilly’s blue and green prints until I started compiling this guide! Wade and Sea is one of my absolute favorite prints, but Casa del Sol is also on my shortlist of prints I’ll always love. This section has older prints as well, so if you’re a fan of blue and green, take some time perusing this section.

Blue, white and green Lilly Pulitzer print with palm trees
Canopy’s Chaos
light blue, white and green Lilly Pulitzer print with curly cues
Crystal Coast
Tan, blue and green Lilly Pulitzer print with cheetahs hidden throughout
Escapades in the Everglades
Lilly pulitzer print with green and light blue leaves
Fronds Place
Lilly Pulitzer print with light green crabs on a blue background
Get Crackin’

Blue + Pink Prints