When Is Lilly Pulitzer’s Summer 2019 After Party Sale?

lilly-pulitzer-summer-2019-after-party-sale dates


Friends, I’ve been so busy with work and blogging side projects that I almost didn’t set aside time to write this post – but then I realized that I’m never too busy for APS! I’ve been getting emails from ladies anxiously awaiting Lilly Pulitzer summer 2019 After Party sale dates and asking me, “When is Lilly Pulitzer’s APS?” Have no fear, my gal – I’ve got you covered with some guesses.

Obligatory disclaimer: These are educated guesses based on my experience with Lilly, and I don’t have any inside information at the moment! I know as much as you do about the summer 2019 sale, and that’s what makes it exciting. Don’t get too antsy – it’s already August 8, which means that we’ll almost see the sale at some point during the next five weeks. Without further ado, here are my predictions based on past years.

Past APS dates 

2014: August 19, 2014

2015: August 16, 2015

2016: August 22, 2016

2017: August 28, 2017

2018: September 10, 2018

I’m no scientist, but it seems like APS is getting later every year! I doubt that Lilly would hold the sale on Labor Day weekend, which leaves three dates that seem credible to me: August 19, August 26 and September 9.

Do you have a date preference? Some of my friends are teachers who start school on August 19 and August 26, so I’m personally hoping that it’s September 9. Regardless of when the Lilly Pulitzer summer 2019 After Party sale is, I’m excited to shop and overspend like I always do!

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  1. Tara wrote:

    Hoping for September 9th too! I feel like we could use a little Lilly sunshine in September

    Posted 8.13.19 Reply
  2. Jean Barone wrote:

    Tell me more about this sale…I’m new to this

    Posted 8.17.19 Reply
  3. Michelle Study-Campbell wrote:

    I hope it is earlier and back in August again. I think that the Lilly for Target line launching in early/mid Sept may impact the sale….who knows! Happy shopping!

    Posted 8.19.19 Reply
    • Ayana Lage wrote:

      Great point about LFT, Michelle! Exciting few weeks ahead for us Lilly lovers. xx

      Posted 8.19.19 Reply
      • Felicia Hampton wrote:

        Early pre view sale is this sat and Sunday.

        Posted 8.26.19 Reply
  4. Amy Denise Ali wrote:

    Dates for the after party sale

    Posted 8.21.19 Reply
    • Felicia Hampton wrote:

      Early access is sept 8th and 9th in stores.

      Posted 8.29.19 Reply
  5. Felicia R Hampton wrote:

    Its official the after party dates have been released…Sept 10-12th..💖

    Posted 8.26.19 Reply
    • Laurel wrote:

      Hi Felicia. Thanks for the information. Just curious where you found it. I haven’t been able to find it posted anywhere! lol

      Posted 8.28.19 Reply
      • Felicia Hampton wrote:

        Hi it was on Lilly Pulitzer Instagram 💗 on 8/26/19

        Posted 8.29.19 Reply
        • Felicia Hampton wrote:

          If you look under their story all the way to the right you will see #After party click on this and it will hive you all of the details.

          Posted 8.29.19 Reply
      • Felicia Hampton wrote:

        Early access is sept 8th and 9th in stores.

        Posted 8.29.19 Reply
        • Ayana Lage wrote:

          Hey Felicia, Lilly hasn’t announced it yet — were you looking at last year’s dates? Xo

          Posted 8.30.19 Reply
          • Melissa wrote:

            I just looked on IG and the stories they have posted is from last year. They haven’t announced any dates for 2019

            Posted 8.31.19
          • Kim wrote:

            That was last years dates. The post was 52w ago.

            Posted 9.1.19
  6. diane gilinsky wrote:

    Lost my interest, sometimes its too much hype !!!!

    Posted 9.4.19 Reply