Lilly Pulitzer’s Winter 2019 After Party Sale Is Almost Here, & Here’s What You Need To Know

lilly pulitzer winter 2019 afterparty sale


If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good deal. That’s why the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is the stuff of dreams for me. I’ve been shopping the sale since I was a college sophomore, but the anticipation for the biannual event never gets old. This year, I have the privilege of sharing my APS post with insider information from the Lilly Pulitzer team! That’s right — as much as I love my APS date predictions, I’ve heard it straight from the source and get to share it with you!

Lilly Pulitzer Winter 2019 APS Sale Dates

According to the Lilly team, the sale will start on Monday, January 7 at 8 a.m. EST and end at 11:59 p.m. EST the following day. For those of you who live near a Lilly store, I’ve got some good news: the sale will happen in-stores on Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6. I’ve shopped in-store and online and have to say that there’s always been more merchandise online, so if you don’t live near a store, don’t worry! There will be more stuff added to the website on Tuesday the 8th, so don’t spend all of your cash in one go! 

How Will I Buy?

Lilly confirmed to me that similar to previous years, there will be a virtual queue, so being in line right at 8 a.m. Monday is key. People sometimes get anxious about wait times, but it’s so much fun! I wrote more about that in August — read about the APS virtual line here.

Girl, Tell Me Which Styles To Expect!

I have a habit of saving the best for last — I figured you wouldn’t mind, right?! All kidding aside, here are a few styles and prints to expect with prices! Get your budget ready, friend. Before I forget, Lilly Pulitzer has a blog post and FAQ section on their website that are so helpful for newbies and those who want to learn more about the sale!

Without further ado…


lilly pulitzer 17oz swell bottle

Lilly Pulitzer 17-ounce Swell Bottle in Into The Groves

Normally $42, $20 during APS (53% discount!)

lilly pulitzer beacon dress

Lilly Pulitzer Beacon Dress in Scale Up Engineered

Normally $108, $49 during APS (55% discount!)

lilly pulitzer carlotta shift

Lilly Pulitzer Carlotta Shift in Pans Garden 

Normally $218, $59 during APS (72% discount!)

Lilly Pulitzer Elba Sweater

Lilly Pulitzer Elba Sweater in Light Lilac Verbena

Normally $138, $54 during APS (61% discount!)

lilly pulitzer skipper popover dress

Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover Dress in In Reel Life

Normally $158, $59 during APS (63% discount!)

lilly pulitzer sun canopy

Lilly Pulitzer Sun Canopy, $54

lilly pulitzer sloane v-neck maxi

Lilly Pulitzer Sloane V-Neck Maxi Dress in Inky Navy

Normally $198, $74 during APS (63% discount!)

lilly pulitzer mila dress

Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift in Monkey Business Engineered

Normally $178, $59 during APS (67% discount!)

lilly pulitzer jackelin romper

Lilly Pulitzer Jackelin Romper in True Navy

Normally $238, $79 during APS (70% discount!)

Lilly pulitzer Isle Lattice Swimsuit

Lilly Pulitzer Isle Lattice Swimsuit in Celestial Seas

Normally $138, $69 during APS (50% discount!)

Lilly Pulitzer hollee dress

Lilly Pulitzer Hollee Dress in Alotta Colada

Normally $98, $49 during APS (50% discount!)

lilly pulitzer hollee dress pineapple party

Lilly Pulitzer Hollee Dress in Pineapple Party

Normally $108, $49 during APS (55% discount!)

lilly pulitzer fiesta one-piece swimsuit

Lilly Pulitzer Fiesta Swimsuit in Feelin Beachy

Normally $138, $69 during APS (50% discount!)

lilly pulitzer fawcett dress 2

Lilly Pulitzer Fawcett Off-The-Shoulder Dress in Multi Early Bloomer

Normally $168, $54 during APS (68% discount!)

lilly pulitzer fawcett dress

Lilly Pulitzer Fawcett Off-The-Shoulder Dress in Its Impawsible Engineered

Normally $178, $54 during APS (70% discount!)

lilly pulitzer essie maxi dress

Lilly Pulitzer Essie Maxi Dress in Its Prime Time

Normally $148, $59 during APS (60% discount!)

More APS content to come — keep checking back! xx Ayana

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