Macy’s Radley Couch Review

In recent years, I’ve made it a goal to invest in furniture that will last a while. Previously, I’d just get whatever was cheapest, but we found ourselves needed a couch every couple years — not exactly sustainable. After months of searching, we found the perfect couch for our new house, and I’m sharing a Macy’s Radley couch review. It’s so comfortable, durable, and affordable compared to the other options we were looking at.

Macy’s Radley Couch Review

Macy's Radley Couch

I had a few parameters while searching. I knew that I wanted a sectional big enough for our family to lay on. It needed to have easy-to-clean fabric, and I wanted it to be firm but not too firm. I’m short, so super-deep couches don’t really appeal to me, but who wants a hard couch? (Honestly, I felt a bit like Goldilocks.)

I turned to Google for ideas and came across a ton of sectionals, but most of the highly recommended ones were very pricey. We were willing to drop a pretty penny, but I had an entire house to furnish — a $7,000 couch just wouldn’t cut it. I was struggling with what to do, and then someone online recommended the Macy’s Radley 5-Piece Chaise Sectional. I didn’t even know that Macy’s sold furniture, but I saw so many glowing reviews that I decided to check it out in person.

When I visited my local store, I was surprised at how comfortable the Radley is. Vagner prefers a softer couch than I do, and we were both happy with it. I was also super happy because it was on sale! I found out from the saleswoman that the couch regularly goes on sale. It retails for $4,225 but was on sale for $2,199. The cool thing is that you’re able to customize the fabric in-store. Macy’s has dozens of fabrics to choose from, and I fell in love with a gorgeous olive green. The only downside is that the custom fabrics aren’t discounted as heavily as the online options, so we paid about $3,500 — still less than expected.

macy's radley couch color swatch

Delivery & Customer Service

The only downside of our ordering experience was how difficult it was to buy the couch! We had to visit Macy’s three times before we finally found someone who was able to order it for us — whenever we went, we were told that no one in furniture was available. We tried calling ahead but couldn’t ever get anyone on the phone. It was a bit of a pain, but I know that stores are dealing with staffing shortages. I will say that the higher-end stores we visited were extremely attentive, so it was a different shopping experience.

We were quoted 13 weeks for delivery, which we were fine with — we hadn’t even closed on our house yet when we ordered it. To our delight, it arrived five weeks earlier than expected. I’d heard horror stories about delivery delays, but we didn’t have any problems. Our delivery day did get postponed once, but it only delayed things a couple days. Once the couch arrived, I knew we’d made the right call. We love our couch, and the color ties in nicely with our front roommacy's radley couch in green

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