May 2021 Recap: What I Bought And Read

May felt like a total whirlwind for me. I had more social interaction in the last month than I had in the prior year. It’s been a lot of fun — double dates, birthday parties, outdoor drinks, huge family dinners — but I am tired. I’m hoping that June moves a bit more slowly, although I have some exciting podcast guests scheduled and a girls trip on the calendar. I did a lot of shopping in May and made time to read way more than usual, so I have a lot to share with you guys.

Things I Bought

I’ve been living in this white linen dress from Target, and you’ve seen it on my Instagram if you follow me there. It’s so perfectly breezy and I can’t wait to wear it all summer. It runs true to size, and I’m wearing an XXL. Shop here.

I struck gold at H&M when I went in person a few weeks ago. There’s a fabulous animal print kaftan I’ve worn a couple times and a super fun blue polka dot dress that I’m saving for a special photoshoot. Animal print linked here. Polka dot linked here

We almost exclusively buy cheap plastic wineglasses, but I decided to level up. These glasses are extremely chic and affordable, too. They are pretty fragile, so just keep that in mind. Shop here. 

My office is now in our living room because we were running out of space, but I still use the actual office to record podcast episodes. I wanted a compact desk that wouldn’t cost me a ton, and this fits the bill. Shop here.

Lastly, y’all convinced me to try a duvet and duvet cover. I was tempted to buy a linen one but couldn’t justify the price tag. I chose this set from Urban Outfitters, although it’s sadly sold out in the rust color I ordered. Shop here.

Things I Read

A Rhythm of Prayer, Sarah Bessey: It’s been a long time since I openly cried reading a book, but this one did me in. I’ve had a complicated relationship with faith recently and wondered whether there’s anything there for me. I don’t really read the Bible anymore, and I tend to pray only when I really need something. This book has already transformed the way I think about prayer, and I think I’ll be rereading it in the years to come. Shop here.

You Are Not Alone, Greer Hendricks: This book was recommended by a good friend after I told her I wanted a thriller that wasn’t too heavy — no violence or anything too intense. It’s a really good read, and I love the way the author switches perspectives. I personally didn’t love the ending, and there are definitely parts that require you to suspend disbelief. It’s an ideal vacation read, though. Shop here.

What The Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed, The New York Times: I didn’t learn about the Tulsa Race Massacre until my early 20s, which is wild. Since then, I’ve been educating myself, and this incredible interactive piece from the Times illustrates the financial and physical toll of the massacre. Read it here.

Stop Hustling Black Death, The Cut: Who really benefits from the Black Lives Matter movement? That’s a question explored in this interview with Samaria Rice, the mother of 12-year-old Tamir. If you don’t recognize the name, he made international headlines after police killed him for playing with a toy gun. Her honesty and criticism of prominent activists deserves more attention. Read it here.

The Gatekeepers Who Get To Decide What Food Is Disgusting, New Yorker: This is one of those pieces I told Vagner he needed to read, too. The premise is entertaining — the author interviews the founders of a disgusting food museum, and you squirm reading about wine with childrens’ feces, fried locusts, and much more. It ends up being an examination of our disdain for other cultures cuisine, and it takes an unexpected emotional turn. Read it here.

I usually have a section dedicated to things I watched, but I skipped it this month. We only watched Mare of Easttown, Dark, and Pose. I feel silly reviewing such popular shows, so I chose not to. See you in July!

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