Moving and Packing Hacks: 6 Products That Made Moving Easier

I’m sharing a few moving and packing hacks with y’all today to celebrate our move! If you missed it on Instagram, we sold our house and are hunting for another. (Staying in Tampa, of course — we’ll likely never leave.) The past two months have been about decluttering, packing, and moving our stuff to storage. This is our fifth time moving in six years, so I feel like a pro. Here are a few products I love and other tips for an upcoming move.

Moving And Packing Hacks

We really wanted to hire movers but couldn’t justify the cost. To make up for it, I started packing up the house about a month before we planned to go on the market. Not procrastinating definitely made the process less stressful. At the end of the day, moving is going to suck, but there are ways to make it suck less.

1. High-Quality Tape

This is a specific recommendation, but hear me out: splurge on good packing tape. I made the mistake of buying the cheap stuff in bulk, and it made it so much harder to pack up a gazillion boxes. After some trial and error, I found Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape and swear by it now.

2. A Fireproof Document Bag

It’s easy for important stuff to get lost in the shuffle of a move. As someone who’s lived through the pain of losing a passport, this is probably one of the most critical moving and packing hacks I have. I bought a fireproof document bag from Amazon, so I had an easy way to transport all our essential documents. In hindsight, I wish I’d done it sooner.

3. This Gift Wrap Storage Bin

If you’ve accumulated a ton of wrapping paper and gift bags over the years as I have, this Sterilite 60qt Clear View Underbed Storage Bin needs to be in your cart. It made it so easy to organize and transport all of my holiday gift supplies. It can be used for other things as well — I’m contemplating buying another for my handbags.

4. Garment Dress Bags

I wish I could’ve afforded more of these bags, but I only got one set for my formal gowns. I was afraid to put them in luggage, so these Dress Bags for Long Gowns were a great find. I easily fit two long dresses into each bag and put them directly into our storage unit.

5. Kraft Paper

I usually use old newspapers for packing supplies, but buying actual packing paper is a worthwhile investment. This Amazon Brown Kraft Paper Roll is big enough that I used it to pack the entire house. It was perfect for wrapping my favorite candles, padding boxes, and protecting framed art.

6. Space Saver Bags

I hate dealing with the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. Even after donating and selling dozens of items, my closet was still full. Space saver bags to the rescue! I ended up with two packs of SUOCO Vacuum Storage Sealer Bags and loved them. I could fit stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, towels, and clothing with ease.

My next moving blog post will be all about how I decluttered and prepared to live in a small space as we search for the perfect house. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Rosanna wrote:

    These tips are so useful. Waterproof document bag is a life saver. Thank you for putting so much efforts in sharing these tips. I loved reading it.

    Posted 6.4.22 Reply
  2. NYC Moving wrote:

    Organisation when moving is a key to a success. If you put an effort a few weeks before the move to plan. Find a good moving company you are already relaxed a bit. Put what you need to do up to that day comes and on that day you will be much more relaxed. I find these tips useful.

    Posted 6.30.22 Reply
  3. Gorilla Moving Company wrote:

    I recently moved, and I can’t stress enough how much these products mentioned in the blog made my life easier! The furniture sliders were a game-changer for maneuvering heavy pieces, and the wardrobe boxes saved me from endless folding and unfolding.

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