My #1 Secret To Traveling On A Budget

Last year, I took five international trips where I got the chance to explore eight different countries. This year, I’ve already been to three countries, with a couple other trips in the queue for 2019. Don’t hate me, because I’m about to tell you how I do it.

The secret: I go where the cheap flights take me.

That may sound out there, but hear me out. When I was at the University of Florida, I spent the summer between my sophomore and junior years working two jobs to pay for my study abroad trip. I dreamed about how I would spend the following summer in Paris and London with the College of Journalism and Communications. “A tale of two cities,” I thought. “How perfect!”

And how expensive. The flight to and from Paris for that trip was ~$1,200.

Just writing that makes me cringe, since I spent $375 on a flight to and from Europe last month. How? I didn’t choose the destination. Instead, I waited for the right deal to pop up. Sometimes they come through Scott’s Cheap Flights, through which I’ve gotten…

  • $450 tickets to Iceland for March 2018
  • $431 tickets to England for May 2018
  • $418 tickets to Brazil for May 2019

However, sometimes I find offers just by poking around Google’s flight tool. When you explore their destinations, it will give you the cheapest flights over the next six months to airports all around the world. That’s how I found that $375 deal to Copenhagen. When I stumbled upon it, I texted my husband. Neither of us had considered Copenhagen as a destination before, but when the flights are that cheap, how do you say no?

And what’s great about Europe is that once you’re there, it’s incredibly easy to get around from country to country. When my husband and I were in Copenhagen, we grabbed a train (only $39 per person) to Germany and spent a few days in Hamburg as well. I have been able to explore so many countries in the last few years because we have been flexible on the timing and location. Did I ever imagine I’d spring break in Iceland? Never. But my husband, myself and our friends rented a campervan, drove around the island and had the time of our lives.

Adventure is out there; don’t pay more than your rent to find it.

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